An Overview Of China For Travelers

China is​ often left out of​ discussions of​ early civilization which is​ a​ mistake since it​ was one of​ the​ first. if​ you​ are taking a​ trip to​ China,​ here is​ some background information your should know.

An Overview of​ China for Travelers

The official name of​ the​ country is​ the​ People's Republic of​ China. China covers a​ land mass of​ over 3.7 million square miles,​ making it​ a​ large country indeed. the​ capital is​ Beijing. Other major cities include Shanghai,​ Tianjin,​ Shenyang,​ Wuhan,​ Guangzhou,​ Chongqing,​ Harbin,​ and Chengdu.

With such a​ massive land area,​ you​ can image that there is​ a​ wide variety of​ terrain in​ the​ country. Generally,​ one can find plains,​ deltas and hills in​ the​ east,​ while mountains,​ high plateaus and a​ vast desert exists in​ the​ west. the​ climate ranges from tropical in​ the​ far south to​ arctic cold in​ the​ far north on​ the​ border with Siberia,​ Russia.

The people of​ China are known as​ Chinese. the​ most recent population study put the​ total number of​ Chinese at​ over 1.3 billion people,​ more than four times as​ many people as​ found in​ the​ United States. Population growth,​ however,​ has slowed to​ roughly half a​ percent annually. the​ reason for the​ slow down is​ very controversial. Concerned about economic strain caused by population growth,​ China has implemented a​ policy of​ allowing for only one child per family with some minor exceptions. Enforcement of​ this policy is​ supposedly done through fines,​ but forced abortions are known to​ occur despite government policy opposing them. the​ government hopes to​ stabilize the​ population at​ no more than 1.6 billion people through 2050. the​ current infant mortality rate is​ an​ astonishingly high 25.5 per 1,​000 births.

Ethnicity in​ China is​ a​ hodgepodge issue given its vast size and long history. Han Chinese is​ the​ dominant group,​ consisting of​ over 91 percent of​ the​ population. This is​ a​ very loose group,​ however,​ as​ evidenced by various dialects of​ language in​ the​ country. There are seven major Chinese dialects and literally hundreds of​ localized dialects. Mandarin is​ the​ dominant dialect,​ spoken by over 70 percent of​ the​ population in​ one form or​ another. That being said,​ only 60 percent of​ the​ Han Chinese can speak it​ with the​ remaining 40 percent speaking other dialects. in​ addition to​ Mandarin,​ languages spoken widely included Turkic,​ Korean,​ Uygur,​ Tibetan and Mongolian. it​ is​ often said that people in​ one part of​ China can’t communicate with people on​ the​ opposite side.

From a​ religious perspective,​ China is​ officially atheist. That being said,​ it​ takes a​ lax view towards faiths that work with the​ government. Buddhism is​ the​ largest faith with over 100 million practitioners. Taoism is​ the​ second most popular. There is​ a​ smattering of​ Muslim and Christian believers,​ but nothing significant.

As this overview demonstrates,​ China is​ huge and unique. This makes it​ a​ great travel destination.
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