An Overview Of Canada For Travelers

Home to​ hockey,​ Canada is​ a​ country of​ beautiful cities and wide open spaces. if​ you​ are considering taking a​ trip to​ the​ country,​ here is​ an​ overview of​ some things you​ might want to​ know.

An Overview of​ Canada for Travelers

The official name of​ the​ country is​ simply Canada. it​ covers an​ area of​ landmass over 3.8 million square miles in​ size and is​ the​ second largest country by square mileage in​ the​ world. the​ capital is​ Ottawa with a​ population of​ over 1.1 million people. Other major cities include Toronto with 4.8 million residents,​ Montreal with just fewer than 3.5 million people and the​ beautiful city of​ Vancouver with a​ population of​ roughly 2 million people. With its far northern location,​ Canada is​ a​ country with a​ cool climate. the​ farther north one goes,​ the​ colder it​ becomes until artic conditions apply.

Citizens of​ Canada are known as​ Canadians. the​ most recent study put the​ total population at​ more than 32.4 million Canadians. of​ this figure,​ ethnicity breaks down into a​ wide variety of​ groups with no group forming a​ majority. Specifically,​ Canadians are comprised of​ 28 percent British-Irish heritage,​ 23 percent French,​ 15 percent general European and a​ whopping 26 percent are classified as​ mixed. Following the​ transfer of​ Hong Kong from British rule to​ Chinese,​ many citizens of​ Hong Kong immigrated to​ Canada,​ particularly the​ Vancouver area.

Religious preferences share the​ break down found in​ ethnicity. 44 percent of​ Canadians claim the​ Roman Catholic faith as​ their own,​ while 29 percent are Protestant. Other Christian and Muslim denominations are claimed by roughly 8 percent of​ the​ population.

English and French are the​ languages spoken in​ Canada. Literacy rates are 99 percent. Average life expectancy for a​ Canadian man is​ 77 years while a​ Canadian woman will live to​ 82 years of​ age on​ average.

Canada is​ a​ country with an​ odd segmentation. Whereas most countries tend to​ be divided towards eastern and western population centers,​ Canada can be said to​ be more of​ a​ north and south designation. Specifically,​ most of​ the​ population lives along the​ border with the​ United States and practically nobody lives in​ the​ far north given the​ cold.

Canada tends to​ be overshadowed by its neighbor to​ the​ south. This is​ unfortunate as​ the​ country is​ beautiful,​ the​ people are friendly and life is​ lived at​ a​ comfortable pace.
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