An Overview Of Belgium For Travelers

Located on​ the​ European mainland,​ Belgium often is​ short-shifted in​ discussions of​ Europe. Following is​ an​ overview of​ Belgium for travelers.

An Overview of​ Belgium for Travelers

Belgium is​ located on​ the​ coast of​ the​ North Sea between Holland,​ German and France. the​ name comes from the​ Belgae,​ a​ celtic tribe.

Belgium’s geographic location places it​ at​ the​ crossroads of​ much of​ Europe,​ particular in​ relation to​ the​ United Kingdom and mainland Europe. as​ a​ result,​ the​ country has been heavily influenced by the​ powers that be in​ Europe during certain periods of​ times. you​ can find aspects of​ Romans,​ Celtics,​ Germanic,​ French and Spanish influences.

Ruled by various European empires,​ the​ cities of​ Bruges,​ Brussels and Antwerp were major commercial trading posts. They also produced some of​ the​ more spectacular artists in​ Europe,​ including Eyck and Rubens.

In modern times,​ the​ country is​ really three separate states with significant autonomy. the​ country is​ divided up into Flemish,​ Walloon and a​ smaller Germanic area. the​ Flemish are Dutch speaking while the​ Walloon are oriented to​ French. the​ divisions between these areas are significant and they have significant autonomy from the​ federal government. One might argue they are countries unto themselves.

The official name of​ Belgium is​ the​ Kingdom of​ Belgium. the​ country is​ located in​ Western Europe and covers approximately 12,​566 square miles. Brussels is​ the​ capital of​ the​ country and has a​ population of​ approximately 922,​000 people. the​ second largest city is​ Antwerp with 452,​000 residents.

The people of​ Belgium are known as​ Belgians. Total population for the​ country is​ 10.4 million with a​ paltry annual growth rate of​ less than one half of​ one percent. the​ country is​ divided into three linguistic regions,​ Flanders,​ Wallonia and Brussels. French is​ the​ dominant language in​ Wallonia,​ Dutch in​ Flanders and German in​ the​ Brussels area. Most people of​ Belgium claim Roman Catholic as​ their faith,​ but Protestant,​ Jewish,​ Muslim and Anglican communities exist. the​ literacy rate is​ 95 percent.

Belgium is​ an​ odd hodgepodge of​ influences. That being said,​ everyone seems to​ get along in​ these modern times and Brussels is​ a​ major financial center in​ the​ Europe.
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