An Efficient Way To Set Up An Online Business

An Efficient Way to​ Set Up An Online Business
With so many online ventures failing,​ you​ may wonder,​ is​ it​ really worth considering setting up an​ online business? the​ answer to​ this is​ yes: internet based companies are still on​ the​ increasing 25 – 30% year on​ year .​
Even the​ economic slow down in​ recent years has not hindered this increase.
According to​ an​ annual report of​ internet trends by a​ top market Research Company,​ almost two third of​ Internet users in​ the​ United States have by now purchased a​ product or​ service online .​
That’s a​ dramatic increase from 2000 .​
While the​ hype over the​ new economy is​ maybe over,​ one thing is​ certain the​ internet has changed the​ way we do business .​
Many companies are now starting to​ grasp that their very survival may be in​ jeopardy if​ they are slow in​ implementing their internet business model.
However the​ question still remains - is​ there an​ efficient way to​ do business online?
Below I​ have outlined some components crucial to​ any online venture .​
While these might not be the​ only vital components of​ web based business,​ understanding them properly will significantly increase your chance of​ being successful with your online venture .​
The main component you​ need is​ a​ business plan,​ one that makes sense and has been fully researched.
A recent AT&T report of​ successful entrepreneurs shows that businesses are more likely to​ be successful if​ they have a​ business plan .​
With a​ business plan you​ get a​ better picture of​ your planned venture .​
So,​ before starting you​ online venture,​ take time and write down what are you​ are intending to​ do .​
Product or​ Service If you​ are a​ brick and mortar company merely attempting to​ increase your sales of​ your products or​ services on​ the​ Internet .​
You at​ least don’t have to​ think about what to​ sell .​
You can sell nearly any product or​ service on​ the​ internet; there are even incidents of​ people buying corporate jets online!
If you​ are serious about opening an​ online business,​ finding a​ product or​ service that suits you​ should not be very difficult.
Knowledge base goods like e-books,​ how-to-reports and hard to​ find information do well on​ the​ Internet drop-ship items are also plentiful on​ the​ net .​
Thanks to​ the​ worldwide customer base of​ the​ internet finding a​ manufacturer for any product that you​ plan to​ import to​ your country or​ export from your country has become a​ lot easier .​
If you​ have expertise,​ online services related to​ web design,​ travel arrangement etc .​
are also good areas .​
Internet gambling is​ also a​ very good area to​ investigate.
The look and feel of​ your website is​ important as​ potential customers will decide whether to​ do business with you​ or​ not based on​ the​ first impressions of​ your website,​ it​ is​ vital to​ have a​ professional-looking website with enriched content.
You can decide what type of​ website you​ want according to​ your situation; there are a​ vast range of​ choices .​
Starting from a​ completely free website you​ can spend thousands for a​ more advanced site.
Understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) this is​ very important,​ setting up your site so it​ is​ fully optimized for search engines is​ vital .​
Many companies will offer their services to​ optimize your site; however it​ can be done yourself by researching the​ subject prior to​ developing the​ site.
There are many quality portals that permit you​ to​ have products and services displayed on​ a​ single page web site for free .​
Many business to​ business portals offer this kind of​ services .​
However,​ for real time transactions you​ will still need e-commerce websites.
For a​ small monthly fee you​ can have the​ facilities necessary to​ run a​ full fledged electronic storefront and build it​ yourselves from easy to​ use templates.
If you​ go for this type of​ services,​ compare and see who has most of​ the​ features for the​ best price .​
Shopping carts form an​ essential part of​ e-commerce sites,​ they allow you​ to​ accept purchase orders for many products or​ services.
The term Shopping Cart is​ taken from real life shopping terminology to​ help users understand the​ actions available to​ them .​
Like in​ a​ supermarket a​ person can add items to​ shopping trolley,​ or​ remove items from the​ trolley or​ adjust the​ amount of​ the​ items as​ per requirement before checking out and making a​ payment.
Access to​ the​ shopping cart should be clearly evident .​
There should be numerous entry points to​ the​ cart .​
Add,​ remove and adjust quantity of​ the​ product features should be prominent on​ the​ cart page .​
The article name should have a​ link to​ the​ description of​ the​ product .​
There should be a​ way of​ saving items for future purchases .​
Shipping and other costs should be clearly stated before the​ payment process starts .​
Order forms should be simple and clear .​
All payment options should be explained clearly .​
Ordering process should be done through a​ secure server .​
You know you​ are on​ a​ secure server when the​ URL of​ your browser indicates https: .​
The s at​ the​ end of​ http stands for secure .​
Merchant Account 90 percents of​ all online retail sales take place through credit card transactions.
Even if​ you​ already accept credit cards for your offline transactions,​ that may not be enough .​
Although,​ you​ can take many precautions to​ reduce online credit card frauds,​ credit card companies still consider Internet transactions to​ be riskier than offline transactions .​
There are numerous merchant account providers on​ the​ internet .​
Carry out some investigating before you​ sign up with any of​ them as​ their terms and conditions vary significantly.
It is​ definitely good to​ have a​ merchant account however that does not mean you​ cannot sell products or​ services without one! There are numerous other payment options available on​ the​ internet .​
Most popular of​ them are paypal,​ e-gold,​ e-bullion,​ etc.
If you​ would like to​ have an​ efficient online business,​ remember that old values still count .​
Proper planning,​ uncompromising customer service,​ integrity,​ hard work and persistence eventually will make your business successful.
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