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Often called the​ Sunshine State,​ Florida’s state identity could be more accurately called the​ Tourist State. Centered in​ tourism with big attractions like the​ Everglades National Park,​ chic South Beach,​ and family friendly Disney World,​ Florida has a​ created a​ name for itself within the​ travel sector. Florida offers so much more than meets the​ eye and offers one of​ the​ amazingly vast arrays of​ vacation choices in​ the​ entire world. American Express Vacations is​ one of​ the​ few travel operators who offers packages,​ which hit most of​ the​ state’s attractions.

Everglades National Park is​ one of​ Florida’s not to​ be missed attractions. Protecting more than 1.5 million acres,​ Everglades National Park is​ the​ 3rd largest national park in​ the​ lower 48 states. the​ area is​ home to​ rare and endangered species,​ such as​ the​ American crocodile,​ Florida panther,​ and West Indian manatee. Over 1,​000 species of​ plants live here. During the​ dry season,​ November to​ May,​ most facilities are open and a​ full range of​ tours and programs are available to​ enjoy. Make sure to​ tour the​ Royal Palm Trail. This walk is​ great for spotting wildlife,​ especially in​ the​ dry season. Shark Valley Tram Tours are also entertaining. This guided two-hour narrated tram tour provides a​ great opportunity to​ see wildlife. American Express Tours suggests that travelers use this tour during wet season in​ order to​ escape the​ heat and bugs.

South Beach has gone through numerous man-made and natural changes over the​ years,​ including a​ booming regional economy and a​ growing tourism sector. in​ the​ late 1980s,​ a​ renaissance began in​ South Beach,​ with an​ influx of​ fashion industry professionals moving into the​ area. Most major modeling agencies had offices in​ South Beach,​ and fashion photographers frequently used the​ area as​ a​ backdrop for their photo shoots.Housing some of​ the​ biggest names in​ fame and fortune,​ South Beach has become a​ major entertainment destination with hundreds of​ nightclubs,​ restaurants and oceanfront hotels. the​ area is​ popular with both American and international tourists.

Disney World is​ a​ must-see for any traveler,​ and contains so many attractions it​ can take at​ least a​ whole week to​ visit them all. Disney World has 4 theme parks,​ 2 water parks,​ several beautifully themed resort hotels,​ and golf courses. Each Park offers a​ unique adventure. in​ the​ Magic Kingdom,​ experience traditional Disney. in​ Disney’s Animal Kingdom,​ get up-close with some of​ the​ most exotic animals from all seven continents. at​ Disney’s MGM studios,​ experience the​ magic of​ the​ movies. Explore the​ technological world of​ today and tomorrow at​ Epcot Center. Each theme park,​ as​ well as​ many of​ the​ resorts,​ has so many dining options that every traveler can find something appetizing. When combined with the​ Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach water parks,​ its pristine golf courses,​ and other surrounding attractions,​ the​ Disney property provides plenty of​ fun for all ages.

Keep in​ mind Florida has a​ high occurrence of​ hurricanes. you​ might want to​ check the​ Hurricane safety page if​ you​ are visiting Florida. Beware of​ lightning in​ the​ north central part of​ the​ state,​ especially Dixie County,​ the​ state's lightning capital. Volusia County is​ known for a​ high number of​ shark attacks,​ so be careful when surfing. Also,​ there is​ a​ high occurrence of​ tornadoes in​ Florida. When traveling to​ Florida,​ consider using American Express Travel because they offer some of​ the​ best natural disaster traveler insurance.
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