America The Beautiful Exploring The Roads And Trails Less Traveled

Americans are known for seeking the​ roads less traveled and,​ in​ many cases,​ continuing to​ journey even after the​ road ends. More than 50 million Americans went off-roading in​ 2018,​ a​ 42 percent increase since 2000.

For fans of​ off-roading,​ there are two considerations when taking to​ the​ dirt and rocks of​ off-road driving: safety and ecology. Safety starts with having the​ right equipment-a vehicle that's designed for uneven,​ unpredictable terrain and tough,​ dependable tires that can take the​ punishment of​ dirt,​ rocks,​ ravines and more. And by following ecological guidelines,​ you​ can help ensure that trails will be enjoyable for other adventurers.

Safety Tips

1. Inform someone of​ where you​ are going and when you​ expect to​ return.

2. Make sure your vehicle has plenty of​ fuel.

3. Ride at​ safe speeds for existing conditions.

4. Travel straight up and down hills-never traverse the​ face of​ a​ hill; it​ may cause your vehicle to​ slip sideways or​ roll over.

5. Cross large rocks or​ other obstacles slowly,​ at​ an​ angle,​ one wheel at​ a​ time.

6. Cross ravines at​ a​ 45-degree angle.

7. Only cross streams at​ a​ designated fording point.

8. Never turn around on​ narrow roads,​ steep terrain or​ unstable ground.

9. Avoid stopping in​ tall grass or​ brush,​ which can be ignited by engine heat.

10. Reduce tire pressure to​ improve traction in​ tough off-road conditions.

It's the​ Ecology

1. Drive only where permitted.

2. Keep a​ trash bag in​ your vehicle and collect litter left by others.

3. Ride in​ the​ middle to​ minimize the​ widening of​ the​ trail.

4. Avoid slide slipping and wheel spin to​ prevent erosion.

5. Keep away from wildlife.

6. Steer clear of​ sensitive habitats: wetlands,​ meadows,​ tundra,​ etc.

7. Clean your vehicle after the​ ride to​ reduce the​ spread of​ noxious weeds.

8. Observe proper sanitary waste disposal.

Top Trails

To highlight some of​ the​ best off-road trails in​ the​ country,​ BFGoodrich Tires,​ in​ conjunction with Tread Lightly and United Four Wheel Drive Associations,​ has launched its Outstanding Trails program. the​ program is​ dedicated to​ the​ responsible use and preservation of​ these off-road trails and will aid in​ the​ effort to​ keep these trails sustainable.

"Last year,​ more than 50 million people sought adventure through recreational off-road driving; the​ sport is​ exploding in​ popularity,​" said Kaz Holley,​ brand director for BFGoodrich Tires. "Each one of​ the​ trails highlighted in​ this program is​ amazing,​ and embodies the​ very best in​ off-roading. BFGoodrich tires and these Outstanding Trails are very similar in​ nature-both are tough and both are fun to​ drive on."

The program identifies five of​ North America's best trails. From desolate desert stretches to​ towering peaks and rolling hillsides,​ these trails are unique in​ toughness and beauty.

After a​ careful selection process,​ five of​ North America's "outstanding" off-road trails were nominated for uniqueness,​ terrain type and enthusiast following:

• Black Bear Pass,​ near Ouray,​ Colo.,​ is​ a​ picturesque trail nestled in​ the​ San Juan Mountains.

• Pyeatt Draw,​ a​ scenic and exciting trail situated in​ Payson,​ Ariz.

• Hell's Revenge,​ with its slick sandstone slopes,​ brings adventure to​ thrill seekers in​ Moab,​ Utah.

• Historic Naches Pass,​ also known as​ the​ Longmire Wagon Train,​ takes off-road drivers over the​ Cascade Mountains in​ Naches,​ Wash.

• Upper Tellico Trail,​ Trail #4,​ located in​ the​ Nantahala National Forest,​ is​ located in​ an​ area where Tennessee,​ North Carolina and Georgia meet.

As a​ part of​ the​ program,​ BFGoodrich Tires will host several events at​ designated trails to​ highlight the​ uniqueness of​ each location as​ well as​ to​ educate off-roaders on​ the​ responsible use of​ each trail. the​ company will also give a​ grant to​ a​ selected off-road club to​ help with the​ costs associated with the​ trails' conservation.
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