All You Need To Know About Travel Humidors

Early models of​ travel humidors were patterned after air-tight cases in​ which the​ cigar aficionado placed cigars already maintained in​ a​ cellar humidor. This worked well except that when one opened the​ travel humidor,​ since the​ maintained humidity existed as​ a​ result of​ already moist cigars,​ each time the​ humidor was opened,​ humidity would escape and the​ ambient humidity of​ the​ room replaced the​ humidity that had been inside the​ travel humidor.

When humidors where first created by Zino Davidoff in​ the​ early 20th century,​ we were large cellar humidors which certainly made for restricted travel. One now had the​ ability to​ strive for the​ perfect cigar,​ but only from home. Most people would agree that the​ feasibility of​ travelling with a​ large room did not exist,​ and still does not,​ even today. a​ dilemma arose as​ to​ how to​ preserve a​ moist cigar while travelling.

Today humidors can be found that are battery-powered or​ can be plugged into any available AC outlet or​ a​ combination of​ both. While these types of​ humidors are more functional than ostentatious,​ we can be made of​ any materials in​ varying shapes and designs,​ suited to​ the​ taste of​ even the​ most discriminating smoker.

Most travel humidors are made of​ very durable plastic,​ designed to​ withstand the​ rigors of​ being moved about and for its lightweight portability.

Travel humidors now meant that a​ society that is​ becoming increasingly more mobile as​ a​ result of​ the​ prevalence of​ automobiles and air is​ no longer demanded to​ choose between having a​ perfect cigar and being tied to​ home or​ having to​ leave behind one's favorite pastime to​ travel.
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