All The World Wants To Travel To New Zealand

Is it​ any wonder? Since Hollywood launched New Zealand big time onto the​ world's cinema screens with epic block busters such as​ Lord of​ the​ Rings,​ King Kong and the​ Chronicles of​ Narnia,​ everyone wants to​ visit. in​ fact,​ New Zealand is​ one of​ the​ most popular travel search destinations,​ with almost two million online searches for information each year,​ even beating out firm favorites such as​ Hong Kong and London.

New Zealand consists of​ two main islands,​ North and South about the​ size of​ Colorado. With a​ population of​ around 4 million and English as​ the​ main language,​ you​ can expect a​ warm welcome and a​ fantastic vacation experience. There is​ also strong,​ vibrant Maori culture reflected in​ the​ easy going attitude of​ the​ people and pride in​ their heritage.

From the​ West Coast of​ the​ United States,​ a​ direct flight to​ New Zealand is​ a​ bearable 12 hours. Close to​ the​ Australian continent,​ New Zealand shares the​ Australian love for sport and having a​ good time.

Think Hawaii meets Switzerland.

Where else can you​ find so many different types of​ scenery and breathtaking landscapes in​ one country! From towering mountain peaks and glaciers to​ volcanoes and bubbling mud springs. And then there's the​ surprise. It's so very English too. the​ lush green fields and rolling hills reminiscent of​ the​ English countryside and village life never seem that far away.

Major highlights and attractions.

The Bay of​ Islands on​ the​ North Island.

An absolute must-see on​ your trip. a​ magnificent natural treasure for anyone who enjoys getting out on​ the​ water. Catch a​ ferry or​ charter boat and immerse yourself in​ the​ unique atmosphere. Paddle a​ sea kayak in​ and out of​ island nooks and inlets. if​ you​ have always wanted to​ swim with dolphins,​ do it​ here. Many operators in​ the​ region offer excellent trips to​ spectacular Cape Brett and the​ 'Hole in​ the​ Rock' on​ Piercy Island.

The townships of​ this historical bay are alive with memories of​ the​ area's colorful past. Take time out to​ see the​ well-preserved relics both Maori and European,​ in​ romantic Russell,​ Paihia,​ Waitangi or​ Kerikeri.

Rotorua. What's bubbling you?

Known for its amazing geothermal earth forces,​ this fascinating region offers you​ more than natural beauty,​ it's also a​ very spiritual place. "Manaakitanga" is​ a​ deep-rooted concept in​ Maori culture. It's a​ local challenge to​ offer visitors the​ best experience possible. Voted New Zealand's Most Beautiful City three times,​ Rotorua's gardens,​ cobbled streets and diverse mix of​ Maori and English Tudor architecture,​ give the​ city a​ significant point of​ difference. Beyond the​ urban centre,​ a​ backdrop of​ geothermal steam,​ volcanic mountains and huge crater lakes remind you​ that this region rests immediately above the​ Pacific Ring of​ Fire.

Incidentally,​ Rotarua's Hell's Gate Reserve was where the​ "Black Gate of​ Morodor" was filmed for the​ Lord of​ the​ Rings Trilogy. Let off some steam. Steam escapes from crevices in​ the​ ground,​ gardens bloom alongside bubbling craters and geysers shoot for the​ sky.

Spa therapy. a​ good wrap.

160 years after the​ first Europeans arrived to​ 'spa' in​ Rotorua,​ today's visitors are still enjoying the​ therapeutic properties of​ the​ geothermal resources. Mineral pools,​ mud wraps and massage will leave you​ feeling rejuvenated and ready for more.

The thrill of​ chilling out in​ Glacier Country.

Nowhere in​ the​ world's temperate zones are glaciers so accessible. on​ the​ West Coast of​ the​ South Island,​ remnants of​ the​ ice age cascade from the​ vast snowfields of​ the​ Southern Alps to​ valley floors,​ almost 1,​000 feet above sea level.

You can enjoy guided excursions exploring stunning ice formations. or​ take off on​ a​ scenic flight and land amidst New Zealand's highest peaks overlooking the​ glaciers. the​ two most famous villages are Franz Josef and Fox Glacier,​ good bases from which to​ plan your days exploring the​ glaciers.

Milford Sound. Your eighth wonder of​ the​ world?

Legendary writer Rudyard Kipling was a​ well traveled man. He called Milford Sound the​ "eighth wonder of​ the​ world." Still down South,​ Milford Sound lies at​ the​ heart of​ Fiordland National Park,​ a​ World Heritage area. Cruising the​ clear,​ still waters of​ the​ Fiord you'll encounter magnificent sights,​ such as​ the​ awe-inspiring Mitre Peak and Stirling Falls.

With the​ highest rainfall in​ New Zealand (think feet not inches!) so expect rain when you​ visit. However,​ when it​ pours,​ the​ water falls that appear all around are simply amazing.

Keep a​ lookout for wildlife such as​ dolphins,​ penguins and seals often seen in​ their natural habitat. Go on​ a​ scenic cruise and gasp at​ the​ moody majesty of​ the​ Fiord in​ your Milford Sound Red Boat.

Another worthwhile attraction is​ the​ Milford Deep Underwater Observatory Option. Descend 30 feet below the​ surface and marvel at​ spectacular marine life,​ with anemones,​ sponges,​ fish and rare red and black coral in​ their natural habitat.

Discover Middle Earth.

According to​ Oscar winner Peter Jackson,​ New Zealand was the​ only landscape on​ the​ planet that could have provided the​ sensational locations for Tolkien's Middle Earth. you​ can set off on​ your voyage of​ discovery and visit the​ key areas featured in​ the​ films such as​ the​ Southern Alps and Queenstown. Make sure you​ stop at​ Matamata,​ near Hamilton (a couple of​ hours drive south of​ Auckland) and marvel at​ how the​ landscape was transformed into the​ peaceful hobbit village of​ Hobbiton.

Auckland. the​ largest city.

Wellington is​ actually the​ capital,​ but Auckland is​ where many visitors first set foot in​ New Zealand. Imagine an​ urban environment where everyone lives within half an​ hour of​ beautiful beaches,​ hiking trails and a​ dozen enchanting holiday islands,​ that's Auckland. It's located on​ the​ North Island and called the​ City of​ Sails. Know why? it​ has more boats per capita than any other city in​ the​ world. Almost entirely surrounded by water and covered with volcanic hills,​ the​ city boasts a​ superb harbor and a​ population of​ 1.3 million people. Add a​ background rhythm of​ Polynesian culture,​ a​ passion for outstanding food,​ wine and shopping - and you'll want to​ stay.

Auckland has a​ pleasant subtropical climate with mild winters (June,​ July and August) and warm,​ humid summers (December,​ January and February). Remember the​ seasons down here are reversed,​ so plan your vacation accordingly.

Accommodation to​ suit every taste.

For visitors,​ Auckland has all types of​ accommodation. Web sites such as​ offer a​ range from backpacker to​ budget to​ luxury international hotels. as​ the​ North Island attracts more visitors than the​ South,​ it​ pays to​ check what's out there as​ you​ plan your trip.

Action. Adrenalin. Anticipation.

Auckland is​ a​ top choice if​ you're interested in​ wide open spaces and physical activities. Above the​ ground you​ can go bungee jumping,​ parachuting and skydiving.

On the​ ground you​ can go hiking,​ mountain bike riding,​ skiing,​ horse riding,​ rock climbing,​ and 'zorbing'. Underground you​ can go surface caving,​ cave rafting and hydro sliding; and on​ the​ water you​ can go jet-boarding,​ white-water sledging,​ rafting,​ boogey boarding,​ canoeing,​ kayaking,​ surfing and scuba diving. if​ there is​ a​ difficult and challenging way to​ get from one point to​ another you​ can do it​ in​ New Zealand.

If you're looking for some less exhilarating activities,​ such as​ retail therapy,​ many Auckland stores are open seven days a​ week. Bars,​ restaurants and nightclubs welcome patrons well into the​ night.

Whether you​ are stopping for a​ week,​ or​ planning to​ spend a​ month exploring everything in​ the​ Land of​ the​ Long White Cloud,​ New Zealand will make you​ feel right at​ home.
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