All Inclusive Is Not For All Travelers

Located throughout the​ Caribbean,​ all-inclusive resorts lure visitors with affordable vacation packages. Encompassing airfare,​ lodging and onsite activities,​ these Caribbean beach resorts are enjoyed by families and couples hoping to​ relax in​ the​ sunshine. Yet,​ many visitors have left such all-inclusive resorts with a​ bitter taste in​ their mouths. if​ you​ – like many of​ the​ travelers disappointed by the​ inflexibility of​ all-inclusive resorts – want to​ establish your own itinerary,​ sample traditional Caribbean dining options and explore many different activities,​ these Caribbean beach resorts are simply not for you. Here’s why.

First,​ plenty of​ travelers have realized that many all-inclusive vacations come with certain strings attached. When examining all-inclusive packages on​ the​ internet,​ the​ fine print may reveal a​ startling number of​ contracts and other binding difficulties. Some all-inclusive resorts entice travelers with low-priced vacation packages,​ only to​ bombard their customers with sales pitches for timeshares.

It is​ often difficult to​ determine where an​ all-inclusive resort is​ located if​ you​ are unfamiliar with the​ area. While it​ may suit your fancy to​ spend your vacation outside of​ the​ Caribbean hotel zones,​ many travelers have been disappointed by the​ lack of​ activities available at​ many all-inclusive resorts. if​ you​ choose to​ leave your all-inclusive resort,​ you​ will have to​ pay for additional activities. When staying at​ smaller all-inclusive resorts with limited access to​ other tourist opportunities,​ your additional costs could very quickly surpass the​ money you​ saved upfront.

Many travelers have also complained about the​ lack of​ payment flexibility that comes with a​ stay at​ an​ all-inclusive resort. in​ addition to​ requiring large upfront payments,​ many all-inclusive resorts have tricky refund policies,​ making it​ difficult to​ change plans when necessary. This difficulty also applies to​ the​ charter flights that often accompany all-inclusive packages. For many,​ these troubles are compounded by the​ fact that travel days may be limited,​ forcing you​ to​ alter your desired timeframe for your Caribbean vacation.

Once you​ arrive at​ your Caribbean location,​ you​ might also be responsible for your own luggage and transportation to​ the​ resort. For the​ resorts that do offer shuttle service,​ the​ included transportation will most likely be limited to​ airport pickup and drop-off. For instance,​ if​ the​ resort is​ located in​ a​ secluded area,​ transportation to​ other locations will not be included in​ your package. Furthermore,​ consider the​ fact that many all-inclusive resorts are located much farther away from popular sites than average hotels and resorts. So,​ unless you​ care to​ spend your entire Caribbean vacation basking beside the​ same swimming pool,​ a​ nightly rental resort will put you​ much closer to​ the​ action.

While many criticize all-inclusive resorts for not contributing to​ local Caribbean economies – due in​ part to​ their distance from major cities and tourist areas – it​ can also be said that such packages prevent you​ from experiencing the​ unique culture of​ your destination. Since you​ decided to​ take a​ Caribbean vacation,​ you​ probably want to​ get out of​ the​ hotel and see what the​ Caribbean has to​ offer. Yet,​ all-inclusive resorts anticipate their guests spending most of​ their time at​ the​ resorts,​ locations that are often devoid of​ any local cuisine or​ custom.

Another important thing to​ consider regarding all-inclusive resorts is​ that tipping is​ usually expected,​ even at​ some resorts that advertise tipping as​ unnecessary. Many travelers have found themselves in​ uncomfortable positions,​ receiving sub-par service at​ all-inclusive resorts as​ a​ result of​ such misunderstandings.

When planning your Caribbean vacation,​ think about what kind of​ traveler you​ are and what you​ want to​ accomplish. Do you​ want to​ set your own agenda,​ enjoy diverse Caribbean dining options and engage in​ truly unique activities? or​ would you​ rather relax at​ a​ resort,​ forget your troubles and soak up the​ sun? While families and couples on​ strict budgets might enjoy all-inclusive resorts,​ any adventurous traveler will relish the​ freedom of​ planning their own Caribbean vacation.
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