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Board at​ 10 a.m. in​ Toronto,​ land in​ Atlanta just in​ time for lunch. Airplanes are without a​ doubt the​ way to​ go when you​ need to​ get there in​ a​ hurry. Most people swear by airplanes as​ the​ best means of​ transportations. Others just swear at​ flying in​ general. Whether you​ love flying or​ avoid it​ at​ all costs,​ there are ways to​ help make your air travel experience even more pleasant (or at​ least bearable.)

What to​ pack
The worst part of​ traveling by plane is​ deciding what to​ pack,​ and how many pieces of​ luggage to​ bring. It's best to​ pack lightly wherever possible,​ and take only what you'll need. Remember,​ you're going to​ have to​ tote your own luggage as​ you​ navigate a​ massive airport,​ so be wise about it. you​ don't want to​ throw you​ back out,​ or​ hurt someone else with your wayward bags. Bring one outfit for each day that you'll be away,​ and pack an​ extra change of​ clothes,​ plus necessary medications and personal items,​ in​ your carry-on. This way,​ you'll still have the​ things you​ need on​ your first day,​ even if​ you​ and your luggage are separated. Pack according to​ your reason for flying. if​ your trip is​ for pleasure,​ then bring your vacation clothes. if​ traveling for business,​ pack appropriate attire.

Motion sickness
Some people get sick of​ air travel. Literally. if​ you​ easily become nauseous while riding on​ an​ airplane,​ prepare beforehand to​ east your pain. Most of​ the​ drugs used to​ help motion sickness are designed to​ stop it​ before it​ starts,​ so take anti-nausea medication well before the​ airplane leaves the​ ground. Don't eat too much beforehand,​ or​ drink alcohol. Snack on​ crackers or​ dry bread with water or​ juice of​ you're feeling ill. Remember,​ the​ bags are always there if​ you​ need them.

Arrive early
The best air travel advice you​ can get is​ to​ arrive early. Airport security is​ so tight that you​ are sure to​ get held up,​ possibly at​ more than one checkpoint. if​ you​ don't give yourself enough time,​ you​ could miss your flight. Allow lots of​ time for any possible delays that can come up at​ any unexpected time.

Pack for fun
The entire air travel experience can be extremely boring,​ especially if​ you​ are traveling alone or​ with children. Packing books,​ crossword puzzles,​ handheld games and headphones are a​ very good idea. These activities can combat boredom,​ and relieve nervousness. Colouring books and drawing pads are great activities to​ keep kids busy on​ the​ plane,​ and during the​ long wait for the​ plane.

Air travel is​ generally quick,​ but not always easy. Knowing what to​ bring on​ board and what to​ do at​ the​ airport will help to​ make your air travel experience a​ smooth ride.
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