Air Travel With Better Circulation

The human body is​ not made to​ sit still for long periods of​ time. Proper physical function relies on​ movement and blood circulation. However on​ an​ extended flight,​ you​ may feel like you​ do not have a​ choice in​ the​ matter. you​ are stuffed into a​ cramped seat with little opportunity for movement. Hours in​ this position can lead to​ stiffness,​ cramping,​ and decreased blood flow. it​ is​ important to​ learn how to​ master the​ art of​ long flights without suffering the​ physical consequences.

To keep your lymph system working at​ peak levels despite your extended flight,​ try to​ engage in​ movement as​ much as​ possible. Keep the​ fluids flowing through your body by periodically walking down the​ plane aisle (if the​ fasten seatbelt light is​ off). you​ can perform stretches,​ even yoga positions,​ in​ this narrow space. in​ your seat itself you​ can do small exercises that will keep your blood flowing harmoniously through your body. Try pressing your palms together,​ exerting pressure on​ them so your arm muscles flex. you​ can lift your arms over your head. you​ can flex your abdominal muscles,​ straightening your back. you​ can tense your thigh muscles in​ repetitions. if​ you​ take a​ big book to​ read on​ your flight,​ you​ can perform bicep curls with it. Do you​ have carryon luggage? if​ so,​ you​ can stand in​ the​ aisle and lift it​ with your legs,​ or​ hold it​ in​ front of​ you​ at​ a​ ninety-degree angle. in​ addition to​ increasing blood flow,​ exercise also helps prevent jet lag. you​ get the​ best of​ both worlds.

When flying for long periods of​ time,​ be sure to​ drink lots of​ fluids. This will help your body on​ its circulation task. Water makes everything go more smoothly. Smoking a​ cigarette will only make your body’s task harder. Nicotine makes it​ harder for blood to​ reach your extremities and taxes your whole system. if​ you​ are a​ smoker,​ try not to​ smoke in​ advance of​ your flight. in​ addition,​ avoid caffeine,​ alcohol,​ and salty foods. These always complicate your body’s work.

Dress appropriately for your flight. as​ much as​ you​ want to​ look like a​ movie star when you​ arrive at​ your destination,​ resist the​ urge to​ wear high heels or​ tight,​ fancy shoes. Dress comfortably in​ loose clothes and practical shoes. For especially long flights,​ don’t be afraid to​ pack pajamas and slippers. Just make sure that you​ are not too exposed,​ as​ not to​ discomfort your fellow passengers. Any tight item of​ clothing will compromise your circulation during the​ trip. Many people have the​ habit of​ crossing their legs when they sit. This position can cut off blood flow to​ your legs and also lead to​ misalignment of​ your back. No matter how uncomfortable your plane seat is,​ try to​ avoid crossing your legs. if​ you​ follow all these rules,​ you​ will arrive in​ your destination with excellent circulation and will be ready to​ begin your travels on​ foot. Long flights do not have to​ take a​ severe toll on​ your body,​ especially its circulation system.
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