Air Purifiers And Air Filters For Travelers Are They Worth The Money

Air Purifiers and Air Filters for Travelers: Are They Worth the​ Money?
Do you​ do a​ lot of​ traveling? If you​ do,​ you​ may be concerned about the​ air that you​ are breathing inside your hotel room .​
This may especially be the​ case if​ you​ suffer from asthma or​ allergies .​
If you​ do,​ you​ may be curious about air purifiers and air filters that are designed for travelers .​
as​ nice as​ a​ concept as​ they do sound,​ you​ may be curious as​ to​ whether or​ not they work or​ if​ they are worth the​ money.
When it​ comes to​ determining if​ travel sized air purifiers are worth the​ money,​ you​ will find that it​ depends .​
With that said,​ typically,​ most are encouraged to​ save their money .​
For more information on​ why,​ please continue reading on.
When examining air purifiers,​ especially those that are considered high end home air purifiers,​ you​ will find that most are relatively large in​ size .​
Although air purifiers and filters are becoming more compact,​ you​ will find that most are still a​ decent size .​
For example,​ tower shaped air purifiers are thin,​ but they are still somewhat small .​
Desktop air purifiers are the​ same way,​ unless flat,​ so they do still take up a​ considerable amount of​ space .​
On the​ other hand,​ travel size air purifiers are extremely small in​ size .​
This impacts the​ size filter that can be used .​
Smaller filters can easily become clogged or​ not capture all particles in​ the​ air.
Despite the​ fact that air purifiers are on​ average a​ decent size,​ that hasn’t stopped some companies from selling small travel sized purifiers .​
as​ for what you​ will find,​ it​ will vary .​
For example,​ some are much smaller versions of​ desktop air purifiers that are lightweight and easy to​ transport .​
Also,​ did you​ know that you​ can actually wear some travel sized air purifiers like a​ necklace? you​ can,​ as​ there are some versions available for sale.
As for travel sized air purifiers that can be worn like a​ necklace,​ it​ does should like a​ pretty neat idea,​ although some say that there are dangers associated with certain brands,​ especially when they are worn too close .​
you​ can see this by reading reviews of​ these necklace-like air purifiers online .​
There are cases where some consumers felt ill after wearing them for extend periods of​ time .​
This is​ something that should cause you​ to​ be concerned.
Smaller,​ travel sized air purifiers that resemble desktop air purifiers are nice,​ but most cannot be considered high end .​
Typically,​ it​ depends on​ the​ brand and whether or​ not HEPA air filters are used .​
in​ all honesty,​ if​ you​ truly need to​ have cleaner air,​ it​ may be best to​ bring a​ high end compact air purifier from home with you​ .​
Of course,​ be cautious when doing so; be sure to​ pack well .​
Since high end home air purifiers are expensive,​ you​ will not want damage yours.
A great alternative to​ investing in​ travel sized air purifiers that may not work is​ by carefully choosing your hotel .​
First,​ ask if​ air purifiers are used in​ the​ hotel rooms .​
Some hotels do now use them,​ especially after being wished for by guest .​
If you​ cannot find a​ hotel that uses an​ air purifier,​ be sure to​ choose a​ room where pets and smoking are not allowed,​ as​ this often means that the​ room’s air is​ much more cleaner.
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