Adventures In Xtreme Marketing And Networking

Adventures in​ Xtreme Marketing and Networking
There are some things in​ life that are sure to​ happen .​
Yesterday was March 21,​ the​ Spring Equinox .​
On this day of​ the​ year there is​ a​ strange phenomenon that occurs .​
It is​ the​ same every year,​ on​ this day you​ can stand an​ egg on​ it's end for several hours .​
Every year for many years,​ I​ have been able to​ count on​ this as​ I​ have amazed people by doing it .​
It never fails,​ and it​ doesn't really work any other time of​ the​ year .​
In fact,​ later in​ the​ day,​ the​ egg will fall over after standing for several hours.
It also never fails that a​ networking or​ marketing opportunity can present itself when least expected.
On one Saturday,​ as​ I​ drove through downtown Atlanta on​ my way home from a​ morning networking function,​ I​ passed a​ downtown hotel that had a​ line of​ people around it​ a​ city block long .​
There must have been over five hundred people in​ line,​ all dressed in​ business attire .​
So I​ immediately looked for a​ parking space and rolled out onto the​ sidewalk to​ find out what was happening.
It so happened that a​ very popular television reality show that was on​ every week called the​ A--------- was holding auditions in​ Atlanta .​
I​ did not spell out the​ name because I​ am not sure about trademark issues.
When I​ found this out,​ I​ went deep into my pocket and pulled out my pocket billboards (small flyers with info on​ them) .​
I​ walked around the​ corner to​ the​ front of​ the​ line and began handing out cards to​ everyone in​ line .​
Rather than taking time to​ network with everyone,​ I​ said to​ them,​ This is​ the​ number one business site in​ Atlanta,​ be sure to​ check it​ out.
Halfway down the​ block,​ I​ was accosted by a​ very large gentleman who advised me that I​ was not allowed to​ hand out flyers to​ the​ people in​ line .​
He was there working with the​ show (he had a​ special badge) .​
Now if​ you​ consider the​ types of​ things that the​ participants of​ this show are expected to​ do,​ I​ should in​ reality be on​ the​ next show! But here he was telling me I​ could not do it.
So being the​ extreme networker that I​ am,​ I​ went to​ the​ back of​ the​ line and began to​ work my way to​ the​ front .​
Each time the​ hotel security came by I​ would stop and act like I​ was waiting in​ line .​
As soon as​ they walked away,​ I​ resumed my process.
Now wait a​ minute .​
Was what I​ was doing illegal? NO .​
I​ was doing exactly what the​ people in​ line were doing,​ I​ was handing out my card to​ people standing in​ line? Does the​ hotel own the​ sidewalk around it? NO .​
The sidewalks are owned by the​ city .​
Was what I​ was doing risky? Yes,​ although there was no illegal activity,​ I​ could have been physically removed from the​ area and detained against my will until they decided to​ let me leave.
Was it​ worth the​ risk? YES .​
The people in​ that line were my target market .​
More than 500 people who want to​ be successful in​ business and I​ have just the​ tool to​ help them,​
So what is​ the​ point of​ this article?
The point is​ that sometimes it​ is​ worth taking a​ risk to​ achieve our goals .​
To be safe in​ all that I​ do would have deprived me of​ an​ opportunity to​ reach hundreds of​ prospects and people who can benefit from using the​ web site.
Are you​ taking risks in​ your business to​ achieve your goals? Do you​ find yourself doing the​ safe things? I​ want to​ leave you​ with a​ quote that I​ have read and heard frequently recently .​
I​ wish I​ knew who said it​ so I​ can reference them,​ but here it​ is​ anyway.
If you​ always do what you've always done,​ you'll always get what you​ always got.
Take some risks and watch your business take off!
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