Adventure Travel Wilderness And Hiking Trails Fees Continue To Rise

Is adventure travel getting expensive for the​ family? the​ good news for adventure travel and wilderness hiking trails is​ that the​ USA has some of​ the​ most unique and incredible places to​ see on​ earth. Our National,​ State Parks,​ Monuments and Wilderness Areas are awesome,​ but for years there have been reduced number of​ visitors. Many citizens have said that a​ four-year program to​ increase national parks entrance fees to​ make them more uniform may discourage some Americans from visiting their national parks such as​ the​ Grand Canyon,​ Yosemite,​ Zion and Yellowstone.

The National Parks have been faced with a​ budget crisis. the​ parks are struggling to​ protect the​ historic,​ cultural and natural resources that the​ parks were created for. the​ parks are short of​ funds for operating facilities,​ repairs to​ roads,​ bridges,​ trails and buildings. There was an​ 814 million dollar shortfall in​ 2018. There are almost 400 areas of​ protection covered by the​ National Parks Service. Almost every park has fewer full time employees now than in​ 2001,​ while there were over 273,​000,​000 visitors to​ the​ parks in​ 2018. the​ park service needs more funding to​ provide education,​ interpretive and for the​ safety requirements of​ their visitors. This is​ a​ time of​ controversy about park fees,​ current plans for oil,​ gas and mineral exploration in​ our parks and of​ course removing the​ O’Shaughnessy Dam to​ restore the​ Hetch Hetchy Valley in​ Yosemite.

Recently the​ federal government has moved to​ replace the​ National Park Service's $50 annual pass with a​ new $80 multi-agency pass. Some people think that the​ fee increases are getting out of​ line. the​ park service raised entrance fees at​ 34 parks over the​ past two years and plans to​ raise them at​ another 124 parks in​ 2008 and 2009. at​ Glacier National Park in​ Montana and Joshua Tree National Park in​ California,​ the​ fees will go up twice,​ and beginning in​ 2011,​ park officials plan to​ increase fees every three years,​ based on​ inflation. There is​ a​ proposal to​ double entrance fees next year at​ Crater Lake National Park,​ now $10 per car. Will it​ drive the​ local visitors away? in​ 1997,​ when the​ park service began raising fees,​ the​ number of​ national parks visitors has fallen 1% while entrance fee revenue has gone up almost 16%. Many of​ them are from outside the​ United States and love to​ visit the​ American protected lands.

Will the​ National Park Centennial Act to​ rescue our parks before 2016 – the​ 100th anniversary of​ the​ National Park Service? the​ acts purpose is​ to​ eliminate the​ annual operating deficit and maintenance backlog in​ the​ national parks. if​ it​ passed,​ it​ was to​ create a​ check off box on​ American tax returns to​ fund the​ parks. as​ H.R. 1124 and S 886 it​ did not get passed in​ 2018. in​ spring of​ 2018 the​ Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a​ report about our National Parks based on​ research,​ to​ the​ House Interior Appropriations Subcommittee that found that funding had not kept pace with need,​ requiring park managers to​ reduce services including,​ reducing visitor center hours,​ educational programs,​ basic custodial duties,​ and law enforcement operations,​ such as​ back-country patrolling. Additionally,​ the​ park system has been forced to​ close campgrounds,​ shorten operating hours,​ eliminate many interpretive programs,​ lay off many seasonal rangers,​ and eliminate many of​ the​ parks' scientific studies programs.

So where’s the​ good news about our public lands? Being an​ outdoor writer and avid traveler to​ our parks and wilderness areas Bob Therrien,​ President of​ TrainingPASS Sales,​ Inc. has created an​ outdoor recreation message board,​ he commented “As I've visited the​ outdoors,​ the​ hardest part over the​ years,​ for me has been the​ research about which parks,​ hikes,​ climbs,​ locations and activities I want to​ visit with my family and friends. Exploring federal then state website after site,​ then mapping the​ distance from each area of​ interest is​ inefficient and many times lacking in​ information. to​ solve that inefficiency we have collected all the​ basic information about our parks,​ wilderness areas and national monuments and put them into one website. I don’t personally have a​ problem with the​ new park fees. it​ costs me more to​ take my family to​ the​ movies. I’d rather enjoy a​ full day or​ two at​ a​ place like Denali National Park,​ the​ Arches or​ Canyonlands.

The USA has incredible adventure travel wilderness and hiking trails. to​ promote these areas AdventureZoneTOURS created a​ forum for sharing trip reports on​ National Parks,​ State Parks,​ National Monuments and Wilderness Areas.

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