Adventure Travel In Nepal

With its majestic Himalayan Mountains and fascinating local culture,​ Nepal is​ a​ favorite destination for adventurous travelers. Each year thousands embark upon the​ experience of​ a​ lifetime to​ spend days or​ weeks in​ the​ breathtakingly beautiful country of​ Nepal.

Most adventure travelers in​ Nepal will be treated to​ magnificent views from high in​ the​ mountains. They will wander through pure forests and past clear mountain lakes,​ rivers and waterfalls. They'll visit remote Buddhist monasteries and shrines and see tiny mountain villages,​ full of​ friendly locals.

Trekking expeditions in​ Nepal are quite popular. They typically involve a​ small group of​ people who have been given a​ list of​ equipment,​ such as​ hiking boots,​ to​ bring with them to​ Nepal. Once they arrive in​ the​ country they set off together to​ explore. There is​ usually a​ trekking staff that comes along on​ the​ trip and carries most of​ the​ camping equipment and even the​ travelers' bags. They set up the​ camp,​ cook meals and break camp,​ leaving the​ traveler to​ enjoy the​ trek without the​ physical hardship of​ toting heavy packs.

Treks are available for people with various abilities. While a​ person should be in​ good shape for these treks,​ one does not need to​ be a​ tri-athlete to​ take part. There are more strenuous treks for those in​ great physical condition,​ as​ well as​ easier treks. Many of​ the​ easier treks are appropriate for families and allow children to​ participate. Some companies rate the​ treks they offer by level of​ difficulty,​ to​ help travelers judge which trek would be best for them.

While trekking is​ one of​ the​ most popular forms of​ adventure travel in​ Nepal,​ it​ is​ by no means the​ only one. There are many ways to​ enjoy the​ great outdoors in​ beautiful and mysterious Nepal.

- the​ Himalayas make Nepal a​ favorite destination for mountain climbers. There are well over 100 peaks open to​ mountain climbers in​ Nepal,​ including the​ famed Mount Everest.

- the​ mountains of​ Nepal also have trails for mountain bikers of​ varying skills.

- Nepal offers challenging climbing cliffs for avid rock climbers.

- While rafting and kayaking in​ Nepal,​ adventurers can float along picturesque mountain rivers enjoying tranquil views,​ far from the​ well-traveled paths.

- Finally,​ adventure travelers in​ Nepal can choose to​ experience a​ jungle safari from a​ jeep or​ the​ back of​ an​ elephant. Nepal's wildlife reserves and conservation areas boast a​ variety of​ unique animals,​ including the​ Royal Bengal Tiger and the​ Greater One Horned Rhinoceros.
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