Adventure Travel Close And Cheap

Adventure travel is​ becoming more popular all the​ time. it​ can be very expensive,​ though,​ and even a​ bit too dangerous for some of​ us. it​ doesn't have to​ either,​ though. Here are a​ few ideas for small adventures you​ can afford. They are followed by a​ definition of​ adventure that will help you​ add your own to​ the​ list.

Try treasure hunting. Rent or​ buy a​ metal detector and spend a​ relaxing but interesting weekend finding coins,​ jewelry and who-knows-what in​ the​ sand at​ the​ beach. No beach nearby? Look up the​ historical records for your town,​ to​ see where old picnic grounds were. Treasure hunters regularly find old coins at​ places like these.

Take climbing lessons. Whether this is​ on​ Mount Ranier in​ Washington,​ or​ Mount Washington in​ New Hampshire,​ it's sure to​ be an​ adventure. at​ least it​ will be more exciting than my trip up a​ local sledding hill with my ice-axe and crampons.

Travel form monastery to​ monastery. Make it​ a​ spiritual adventure or​ just relax. Most monasteries take in​ visitors,​ and usually have reasonably priced accommodations. the​ Buddhist ones in​ particular are most often in​ beautiful places.

Do a​ hot springs tour. This is​ for those who live in​ the​ west. Get a​ guide to​ hot springs or​ copy directions off the​ internet. Bring swimming suits (optional at​ some,​ for the​ more adventurous),​ towels and a​ cooler full of​ refreshments. Want more adventure? Seek out the​ ones that you​ have to​ hike into the​ wilderness to​ find.

The Cheapest Adventure Travel

Find and summit the​ highest peak in​ your state. This might be less-than-adventurous in​ some states,​ but it​ will at​ least be an​ excuse to​ get outside and get some good exercise. Be sure to​ bring your camera for the​ summit shot. you​ might try the​ highest point in​ the​ next state over for your next adventure trip.

Investigate and find the​ nearest hidden swimming holes. the​ best ones are ones that require a​ hike to​ get to. Watch for people heading down a​ trail with swimsuits and a​ cooler. Nobody hikes in​ swimsuit and drags a​ cooler into the​ woods,​ unless there is​ water involved.

Play Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Locate the​ nearest river that is​ large enough and has some public forest. Then build a​ raft from dead trees and float downstream for a​ day. We usually started by hiking upstream for an​ hour or​ more,​ so we could float back to​ the​ car.

A vagabond trip. Pack enough clothing and snacks for several days and just start driving,​ with no destination in​ mind. Who knows where you'll end up,​ and what you'll discover. Pack a​ tent or​ camp in​ your car to​ keep it​ really affordable.

That last one is​ a​ classic adventure trip in​ my book. Adventure is​ any activity you​ engage in​ that is​ new to​ you​ and doesn't have a​ predictable outcome. it​ doesn't need to​ be dangerous to​ be interesting and fun,​ and could even include a​ trip to​ the​ nearest large city for a​ weekend tour of​ the​ nightclubs. of​ course,​ depending on​ the​ places you​ choose,​ this could be fairly dangerous adventure travel.
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