A Travel To Jamaica First Aid Kit

A Travel to​ Jamaica First Aid Kit
When traveling abroad it’s usually wise to​ take with you​ a​ basic first aid kit – nothing fancy,​ just a​ tin with a​ few bits and pieces that can help you​ out if​ you​ have an​ accident and need a​ temporary bandage or​ pain killer until you​ can locate where the​ nearest source of​ medical attention is​ .​
If you​ are traveling to​ Jamaica,​ or​ anywhere else in​ the​ Caribbean there are some other things that it​ might be useful to​ carry with you.
Some form of​ aspirin/Tylenol to​ help reduce fever or​ relieve headaches – or​ muscle strains from sports your body is​ unaccustomed to​ .​
If you​ know that you​ intend to​ take part in​ water sports or​ new activities you​ may want to​ consider a​ pain relieving cream (or spray if​ you​ can find one that isn’t aerosol based – airline regulations apply here!) .​

An anti-bacterial cream to​ deal with any grazes or​ cuts that you​ may get taking part in​ activities,​ or​ even just walking on​ the​ beach if​ you​ stand on​ a​ sharp shell.
Hay fever medication – even if​ you​ aren’t known to​ suffer from hay fever,​ putting a​ packet of​ anti-histamines in​ your first aid box is​ just insurance against you​ finding out that you​ are allergic to​ a​ certain type of​ pollen – and it’s found in​ Jamaica!
Insect repellent! Anything that contains DEET should work fine .​
Pack this close to​ the​ top of​ the​ first aid kit – and also carry one in​ your on-flight luggage in​ case it’s a​ while before you​ get your bags once you​ arrive in​ Jamaica!
Sun block – again this should be a​ spare for the​ one you​ have in​ your on-fight luggage .​

Anti-diarrhea medication .​
as​ with the​ hay fever medication,​ you​ probably won’t need it​ but it’s better to​ take it​ and not use it,​ than not to​ take it​ and need it!
Bandage,​ and plasters for cuts and sprains .​
Take the​ one size fits all variety so that it​ doesn’t matter where you​ hurt,​ your bandage or​ plaster will fit!
Thermometer – even one of​ those little forehead strips that you​ can get for kids to​ check for fevers will be good enough to​ tell you​ if​ you’ve got a​ temperature or​ you’re just a​ little unaccustomed to​ the​ tropical heat!
You should also pack any prescription medication you​ take,​ along with any syringes you​ need for taking it .​
Mark the​ prescription medication carefully,​ and include the​ prescribing doctor’s name in​ case you​ are questioned over it​ at​ customs and immigration .​
Always carry two sets of​ prescribed medication,​ one in​ your carry-on luggage and one in​ the​ checked luggage so that you​ are sure that even if​ one set goes missing,​ you​ have a​ back-up.
Taking a​ first aid box on​ your Jamaica vacation isn’t planning for the​ worst,​ it’s providing insurance .​
you​ pay for it​ and you​ don’t intend to​ have to​ use it​ – but it’s just good to​ know that it’s there just in​ case!
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