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Airline travel is​ not as​ pleasant as​ it​ used to​ be!

Over the​ last few years as​ airline profits have been squeezed by rising fuel costs,​ frequent flier programs,​ security etc. airline travel,​ if​ you​ want to​ do it​ at​ a​ reasonable price,​ could be likened to​ the​ cattle-truck effect. Planes have got smaller,​ the​ number of​ seats has been increased and in-flight service,​ especially meals,​ has become almost non-existent. Now,​ I do not blame any of​ the​ staff,​ this has become of​ today's realities.

So! What can you​ do?

I have written a​ series of​ articles with tips,​ tricks and information which,​ I hope,​ will help to​ make your flying experiences a​ little less stressful and more enjoyable.

To be able to​ use some of​ these tips you​ will have to​ plan and be willing to​ be flexible. you​ will have to​ shape your flight around airline programs,​ it's not going to​ happen the​ other way round. I have been able to​ save a​ lot of​ money by being able to​ fit within a​ certain flight schedule which would not have been one I would have normally taken. in​ the​ long run it​ really didn't make any difference to​ the​ experience of​ the​ trip.

To further make it​ easier on​ yourself make sure that you​ are the​ airport in​ plenty of​ time. on​ most occasions you​ will find that security checks will be much quicker and easier. Also,​ book your flight online as​ it's very simple these days. you​ will be able to,​ if​ you​ do it​ far enough ahead,​ choose your own seat. I love this service,​ as​ I happen to​ have a​ large frame,​I like to​ have an​ aisle seat which will give me more shoulder room. This also helps you​ get through the​ luggage check-in a​ lot faster as​ you​ can also print out your boarding pass as​ well.

I hope you​ will be able to​ use some of​ the​ information and put it​ to​ some good use. Happy Flying.
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