A Quick Travel Getaway To A Fantasyland Literally

Sometimes everyone needs a​ little vacation. Atlantic City provides just that. You’ll find a​ wide variety of​ casino’s,​ nightlife,​ the​ boardwalk,​ and much more. Whether you’re just spending the​ day or​ staying the​ weekend you’ll never have a​ dull moment.

The Hilton Casino Resort is​ one place not to​ be missed. Not only do they have luxurious rooms but they just added 250 new slot machines. They also offer a​ variety of​ fine and casual dining. the​ Oak Steakhouse is​ a​ must. Are you​ interested in​ a​ show? the​ Hilton Theater can hold up to​ 1,​200 sets. it​ has showcased many top name performs. No matter where you​ sit it’s the​ best seat in​ the​ house.

Didn’t leave the​ kids at​ home and can’t get a​ nanny last minute? Bring them along and take them to​ the​ Steel Pier. it​ holds twenty four rides,​ as​ well as​ games,​ and a​ food court. the​ Boardwalk has a​ wide variety of​ candy stores and an​ ice cream shop. When you​ think of​ Casinos,​ the​ last thing a​ person has on​ their mind is​ Art. the​ city Museum should be visited by everyone who attends the​ city…you can’t leave this city without spending a​ couple of​ ours in​ the​ Museum. it​ is​ one of​ the​ most culturally diverse. it​ not only displays modern art but displays ‘futuristic art’.

For adults there is​ always the​ Belrose Galleries. Family-owned since 1955 it​ specialize in​ jewelry,​ artwork,​ and statues. See rare diamonds and antiques.

Looking for a​ younger and hip crowd? the​ place to​ be is​ the​ Tropicana. it​ has Vegas-style gaming. They have their own poker room. One of​ the​ largest in​ Atlantic City it​ offers food side service while you​ play 24 hours a​ day. it​ also offers slot gaming,​ table games,​ and Asian games. it​ also has its own comedy club. the​ Comedy Stop is​ said to​ be the​ funniest in​ town. it​ is​ where the​ club original started. Since then it​ has become so popular it​ has expended to​ Vegas and Laughlin.
So if​ you’re in​ need of​ some fun look no further then New Jersey.

It should be mandatory that everyone who needs relaxation should visit the​ Bluemercury Spa. it​ has been highly advertised in​ some of​ the​ top 10 magazines across the​ nation. Anyone who spends a​ day or​ two in​ this spa will come out feeling years younger. if​ the​ spa isn’t your thing maybe working up a​ sweat is! Go to​ they’re health club. With treadmills and weight you​ never have to​ worry about all the​ delicious food you’ll be eating. When it’s too hot…it’s time to​ cool off. Here you​ will find both an​ indoor and an​ outdoor pool. you​ can swim in​ any kind of​ weather. you​ can also relax in​ their Jacuzzi or​ sauna.
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