A Nation Is Born In Philadelphia Philadelphia Travel Information

Often referred to​ as​ “America’s Birthplace,​” Philadelphia has been the​ center of​ progressive beliefs and democratic principles since the​ first settlement of​ the​ city was founded by the​ now famous Quaker,​ William Penn. Naming the​ settlement “The City of​ Brotherly Love,​” William Penn hoped to​ protect individual freedoms and promote religious tolerance in​ stark contrast with what many colonists had escaped under British rule.

William Penn’s visions were realized when the​ Declaration of​ Independence was signed in​ Independence Hall,​ and after years of​ bloody and hostile clashes with the​ British Army during the​ American Revolution when the​ United States Constitution was first drafted in​ the​ same hall. Travel through time in​ Independence National Historic Park (Old City) where the​ Liberty Bell,​ Independence Hall and Constitution Hall are all concentrated. you​ can view the​ Constitution and Declaration of​ Independence in​ Constitution Hall and take a​ walk through the​ many Revolution-era buildings that have been restored and preserved. Travel to​ Philadelphia,​ once the​ capital of​ the​ United States,​ and see for yourself the​ remnants of​ revolutionary battles and the​ emergence of​ a​ new,​ independent nation.

Hoagies,​ Movies and Masterpieces

A simple walk through the​ streets of​ central Philadelphia will reveal the​ nation’s largest collection of​ public art amidst ample park space and well-planned,​ easily navigated streets. Stroll along West Market Street near City Hall and through LOVE Park,​ taking in​ the​ fantastic murals and sculptures along the​ way. For a​ more traditional experience,​ visit the​ masterpieces of​ the​ Philadelphia Museum of​ Art,​ the​ steps of​ which were made famous by Sylvester Stallone in​ Rocky. For the​ most unique museum experience,​ visit the​ Mutter Museum,​ originally open to​ medical students and featuring a​ wide array of​ formaldehyde-filled cadavers and skeletal displays,​ along with some little known facts about the​ nation’s medical history.

Philadelphia is​ also known for its many famous architectural feats and noteworthy buildings. the​ City Hall,​ completed in​ 1900,​ is​ the​ world’s tallest load-bearing masonry structure. Another Historic Landmark,​ the​ Philadelphia Savings Fund Society building is​ considered to​ be America’s first International Modernist skyscraper and also home of​ the​ first ever savings bank in​ the​ United States. on​ a​ smaller scale,​ Philadelphia is​ known for the​ homes of​ Benjamin Franklin and Edgar Allen Poe.

Find airfare to​ Philadelphia around the​ first Friday of​ the​ month to​ enjoy the​ galleries and sights in​ Old City for free until late in​ the​ evening. When you​ have had enough of​ museums,​ stop into a​ pub or​ restaurant for an​ original Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich and some Italian ice for a​ true taste of​ Philadelphia. you​ will probably even want to​ order a​ few extra sandwiches for the​ flight home!
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