A List Of The Top Travel Destinations In Europe Part 1

Whether you​ plan to​ explore the​ ins and outs of​ Europe or​ wish to​ choose one of​ the​ most visited travel destinations in​ the​ area,​ there are plenty of​ deserving selections to​ consider. Depending on​ your personal preferences,​ you​ never know when you​ will happen upon the​ artistic pulse of​ the​ continent or​ one of​ the​ best natural landscapes in​ the​ region. in​ Europe,​ many worthy locations provide a​ vacation never to​ forget with some of​ the​ top destinations found below:


When visiting the​ historic city of​ London,​ you​ will encounter a​ wealth of​ attractions and activities that will have your head spinning for days. One moment you​ could be admiring the​ sunset while standing on​ the​ Waterloo Bridge,​ while the​ next minute is​ spent heading towards the​ popular attraction of​ St. Paul’s Cathedral. Additional features associated with London include medieval architecture,​ the​ Tower of​ London,​ Big Ben,​ Westminster Abbey,​ as​ well as​ Buckingham Palace.


Rome is​ filled with an​ array of​ interesting stops along an​ entertaining and exciting stay in​ the​ city. When it​ comes to​ artistic achievement,​ Rome might lead the​ way throughout Europe. With the​ likes of​ Michelangelo and other great talents,​ landmarks such as​ the​ Sistine Chapel are forever mentioned as​ one of​ the​ most impressive attractions in​ the​ world. the​ city also opens up to​ reveal plenty of​ masterpieces that extend to​ the​ realms of​ music,​ theatre,​ history,​ architecture,​ and culture.


As you​ pass through the​ streets of​ Amsterdam,​ you​ will encounter an​ awakening of​ the​ senses as​ tantalizing restaurant scents fill the​ air,​ interesting locals pass you​ by,​ and history and culture are spotted at​ every turn. Outdoor markets,​ beautiful flower spreads,​ and impressive city canals are just some of​ the​ features associated with this grand destination.


Serving as​ the​ capital of​ Germany,​ this city is​ blooming with blossoming businesses,​ talented artists,​ and satisfying main points of​ interest. Some of​ the​ main boroughs to​ consider visiting include the​ greenery in​ southwest Berlin,​ the​ historic center of​ Mitte,​ and lovely Prenzlauer Berg located in​ the​ northeast.

Additional destinations in​ Europe that are quite popular among travelers include:

Vienna: Often referred to​ as​ one of​ the​ greatest capitals in​ all of​ Europe,​ Vienna provides a​ wealth of​ tradition that has surpassed expectations in​ the​ art,​ political,​ and economic scene.

Florence: Decorated with small luxury accommodations,​ trendy eateries,​ and an​ overload of​ charm,​ this city provides an​ impressive display of​ Tuscan hospitality.

Venice: Oozing with romance,​ many newlyweds find their way to​ this exciting destination that offers connecting bridges over mesmerizing canals,​ romantic-filled nooks and crannies,​ and intriguing Venetian architecture.

Barcelona: Offering an​ assortment of​ spectacular samples in​ Spanish art,​ fashion,​ lodging,​ and dining,​ Barcelona is​ a​ great place to​ plan a​ vacation.
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