A Holiday Rental In France Perfect For The Traveling Golfer

If you're a​ golfer who loves to​ travel,​ you'll find plenty of​ exciting golf courses with one of​ the​ many golf holiday rentals in​ France. Whether you​ want to​ golf at​ only one course or​ cruise the​ French Riviera to​ various locations and courses,​ there are plenty of​ golf courses in​ France to​ fit your style and budget.

North and South France's Finest

France offers some of​ the​ finest golf courses,​ with more than 25 of​ the​ top 100 courses in​ Europe. When taking a​ golf holiday in​ the​ south of​ France,​ there are many well-known clubs and courses to​ try out such as​ the​ Royal Mougin Golf Club,​ Monte Carlo Golf Club,​ Cannes-Mandelieu Old Course,​ Domaine de Terre Blanche,​ Golf Country Club de Vievola,​ and St. Endreol Golf,​ to​ name a​ few. in​ northern France,​ there are top quality courses such as​ Le Touquet,​ Hardelot Les Pins,​ Belle Dune,​ and Nampont St. Martin Golf Course.

A golf holiday south of​ France is​ often preferable year round due to​ the​ milder climate and gorgeous scenery. the​ weather is​ beautiful most days,​ and many of​ the​ golf courses in​ southern France were designed by some of​ Europe's most skilled golf course architects. And though there are premier golf courses in​ the​ south of​ France,​ this doesn't always mean extravagant prices or​ pro-style golf only. you​ can find courses to​ fit almost any budget and also courses that welcome golfers of​ all skill levels.

You'll also be able to​ tour some of​ the​ finest cities in​ Europe such as​ Marseille,​ Vence,​ Cannes,​ Nice,​ Monaco,​ or​ Toulon. Many of​ these cities are just a​ very short distance from the​ French Riviera,​ so you​ can secure great holiday rentals in​ France and tour several areas around the​ French Riviera. South France holiday rentals are available at​ hotels and resorts,​ or​ you​ might find a​ cozy apartment to​ spend your golf holiday.

Package Ideas for a​ Golf Holiday in​ France

When traveling to​ France,​ choose golf holiday packages that will cater to​ your needs and location,​ whether staying north or​ south of​ France. if​ you​ need to​ stay only a​ few nights,​ many hotels and resorts offer packages for two to​ four nights and a​ couple of​ games of​ golf. if​ you​ need to​ stay longer,​ find golf packages that are discounted for longer stays. if​ it's variety you​ want,​ another type of​ package is​ a​ golf cruise in​ which you​ can sail to​ different hot spots and play golf on​ different courses. French Riviera golf cruises are particularly popular.

You might also choose to​ stay in​ an​ area that's saturated with golf courses so you​ can try out a​ new one every day. Areas such as​ Vence (south of​ France) or​ Nice offer many courses,​ tourist attractions,​ and beautiful scenery.

Booking Your Golf Holiday in​ France

You can easily book a​ golf holiday in​ North or​ South France online and find great deals for hotels,​ apartment rentals,​ or​ even places for a​ France day trip. Use online maps to​ pinpoint where you​ want to​ stay or​ go golfing. For example,​ if​ seeking Provence accommodations,​ check out a​ map of​ the​ Provence area to​ find a​ great destination.

Look for fabulous French Riviera rentals or​ other golf holiday adventures to​ enjoy your vacation to​ the​ fullest!
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