A Country Within A Country Travel To Barcelona

The distinctive regional culture of​ Barcelona is​ largely due to​ geography and a​ plentitude of​ national pride and elitism. Barcelona is​ the​ capital of​ Catalonia,​ one of​ Spain's 17 semi-autonomous states. the​ regional language is​ Catalan,​ along with the​ national language of​ Castilian Spanish. There has long been pressure from the​ Catalonian government and nationalists to​ earn complete autonomy from Spain. Consequently,​ the​ exclusive culture can be difficult to​ adjust to​ and there is​ significant animosity towards foreigners around the​ main tourist street of​ Las Ramblas. to​ thoroughly enjoy the​ sweet life and gentle hospitality of​ Barcelona,​ leave this busy area and explore the​ many diverse districts,​ endless with possibility.

Café Life and Nightlife for the​ Night Owl
Barcelona is​ truly a​ city that never sleeps,​ particularly during the​ warm Mediterranean summers. Avoid standing out like a​ sore thumb by eating dinner when the​ locals do: after 10 p.m. it​ is​ common to​ see children,​ grandparents and the​ family dog gathering at​ the​ outdoor cafes at​ these hours when the​ day's work is​ finished and time for friends and family has commenced. Since Barcelona hosted the​ Olympics in​ 1992,​ the​ city has been revamped with visitor friendly attractions such as​ the​ massive Olympic Village,​ a​ string of​ swanky restaurants,​ state-of-the-art nightclubs and boutiques along the​ beach. Most nightclubs do not get going until after 1 a.m. and club-goers typically wander out onto the​ beach around 5:30 to​ watch the​ sunrise over the​ Mediterranean.

A Modernista Mecca
The architectural wonders of​ Barcelona will keep even the​ most novice eye bewildered and intrigued. Antoni Gaudi decorated Barcelona with his treasures of​ modernism as​ a​ painter on​ a​ canvas. the​ grand boulevard of​ Passeig de Gracia is​ lined with elaborately adorned Casa Batllo and Casa Mila,​ both with the​ most intricate rooftops known to​ modern architecture. Arguably the​ most stunning of​ Gaudi's work is​ the​ Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia. Each of​ the​ church's facades are meticulously designed with different themes and styles combining nature with religion and the​ soaring towers topped with mosaic grapes are built around a​ conch-like coiled staircase that visitors may choose to​ take instead of​ the​ elevator. Another tribute to​ Barcelona's artistic heritage is​ the​ Palau da la Musica Catalana. a​ view of​ the​ glass and mosaic inverted chandelier on​ the​ ceiling of​ the​ theater is​ alone worth the​ visit. Daily tours are offered in​ addition to​ the​ regularly held musical performances. Afterward,​ get lost in​ the​ tiny twisting passages of​ the​ surrounding historic Gothic Quarter.

Traveling Barcelona Right Not Your Weekend Visit
It is​ best to​ avoid traveling to​ Spain in​ August,​ when most of​ the​ locals (and most of​ Mediterranean Europe) take their vacations. Chances are that the​ restaurant you​ wanted to​ visit will be closed and museums will have extremely curtailed hours. August can also be uncomfortably hot.

Barcelona should be traveled with care and patience. the​ only disappointment visitors have is​ the​ inability to​ see all of​ the​ city's landmarks and hidden corners in​ a​ realistic amount of​ time.
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