8 Reasons To Fall In Love With Marrakech Travel

Just beneath the​ high mountain range of​ the​ African Atlas is​ the​ red city of​ Morocco known as​ Marrakech. With a​ culture that has grown to​ be so vibrant,​ free,​ and pure,​ who would have known that this imperial city only started as​ another pit stop for medieval caravans? However,​ regardless of​ its humble beginnings,​ you'll still be bound by its magic spell with the​ warmth of​ its people,​ inspiring history,​ and colorful tradition. Standing in​ the​ middle of​ the​ red city walls,​ you'll know for sure that you're in​ for a​ timeless escape with Marrakech travel. But to​ make the​ most out of​ your journey to​ this spellbinding exotic destination,​ here are the​ top eight things you​ shouldn't dare miss on​ your Marrakech travel:

1. Relive the​ memories of​ the​ old city.
The 13th century walls that surround the​ medina is​ reminiscent of​ ancient struggles and battles that took place in​ Morocco. a​ tour around the​ age-old fortresses,​ gates,​ and tanneries in​ your Marrakech travel is​ a​ good photo opportunity for tourists. Not only that,​ you'll also enjoy the​ inviting spirit of​ the​ modern city amidst the​ well-preserved relics,​ natural wonders,​ and architectural pieces of​ the​ past. With friendly people and bustling activities around the​ corner,​ you'll enjoy every minute of​ this experience.

2. Get lost with the​ crowd at​ Djemaa el Fna.
This large square that lies at​ heart of​ the​ old city is​ teeming with too many spectacles and surprises. From bargain shopping to​ snake charming,​ you'll never have a​ dull moment in​ your Marrakech travel. Open your eyes to​ a​ lot of​ things,​ which include juggling acts,​ musical performances,​ as​ well as​ belly dancing. you​ don't even have to​ worry about losing your way back to​ your hotel. as​ overwhelmingly large as​ it​ can be,​ the​ square offers a​ winding escape to​ interesting sites around the​ city.

3. Take a​ spiritual retreat.
They say that paying a​ visit to​ popular trails of​ mosques,​ churches,​ and other places of​ worship is​ a​ wonderful Marrakech travel experience that can be life-altering. However,​ for those who only wish to​ satisfy their curiosities,​ time is​ well-spent in​ admiring some of​ the​ most exquisite architectural designs in​ the​ world. You'll be stunned how Marrakech was able to​ preserve the​ intricate details and premedieval style of​ these structures but much more,​ how it​ preserved its solemnity. the​ famous pilgrimage for the​ "seven saints" is​ also found in​ this city,​ while the​ Saadian tombs is​ highly recommended by most tourist guides.

4. Shop and explore its very best.
Popular market stands also known as​ "souks" offer the​ best treat for bargain shopping. the​ bazaar is​ usually filled with exotic finds such as​ metal works,​ wood pieces,​ baskets,​ and leather sets-- some of​ which,​ you'll only find in​ Morocco. You'll also be advised not to​ end your Marrakech travel without a​ belt,​ jewelry,​ carpet,​ or​ any form of​ clothing that are found in​ the​ souk.

5. Take a​ journey to​ the​ past.
Marrakech is​ one of​ the​ best places to​ find age-old ceramics,​ paintings,​ mosaic,​ jewelries,​ and fabrics. Its museums house prestigious artifacts that date back to​ more than a​ thousand years. Manuscripts,​ contemporary arts,​ and traditional clothing are among the​ well-preserved collection. you​ may also take note in​ your Marrakech travel experience that museums here are not just brick-and-mortar structures but are also adorned with verdant gardens.

6. Stay in​ luxurious Riads in​ Marrakech.
Your Marrakech travel experience will not be complete without staying in​ the​ city's famous Riads. These are residential facilities that top any 5-star hotel in​ modern cities. With luxurious rooms,​ overlooking views of​ the​ fountain,​ roof top terraces,​ and exquisite decorations,​ Riads are one of​ the​ best reasons to​ stay in​ Marrakech.

7. Experience the​ colorful tradition of​ Morocco.
Embrace the​ Moroccan culture through entertainment activities and festivals in​ Marrakech. the​ Popular Arts Festival is​ a​ good way to​ add more life to​ your Marrakech travel adventures. Have a​ great time with fortune-tellers,​ fire swallowers,​ and acting troupes in​ the​ culmination of​ this festivity. Apart from carnival spectacles,​ you'll also witness the​ horse-riding parade known as​ Fantasia.

8. Treat yourself to​ fun-filled activities.
Popular streams of​ casinos,​ discos,​ and bars are found in​ the​ city. But remember,​ alcoholic drinks are not allowed. Chances are,​ you'll have to​ stay sober all night. Apart from enjoying Western hits and Moroccan pop music,​ your Marrakech travel adventure can never be complete without experiencing a​ taste of​ its gourmet paradise. Most cafes and restaurants in​ Marrakech offer a​ fusion of​ flavors from home grown recipes to​ international dishes.
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