7 Unusal Online Business Ideas

So you​ want to​ start an​ online business. you​ have surfed the​ web,​ read some blogs and have found that lots of​ people are making some decent mullah. But you​ are frustrated due to​ the​ lack of​ any new idea. Don’t worry. There are still many ideas that you​ can implement using a​ little money,​ lots of​ efforts,​ and some persistency.

1. Think about your hobby. What you​ would like to​ do in​ your spare time? May be you​ like to​ go hunting,​ or​ scuba diving. May be you​ want to​ make dolls. List some of​ the​ annoyances and inconveniences you​ encounter while pursuing your hobby. Search in​ Google to​ find solutions to​ your problems and then write a​ small e-book. Sell the​ e-book using clickbank dot com.

2. if​ you​ are an​ artist,​ crafter,​ or​ designer,​ check out etsy dot com. you​ create your own shop by signing up for free. Listing an​ item with photos cost 0.20 cents. the​ selling fee is​ 3.5% of​ the​ final sale price. you​ can accept payment through PayPal.

3. Start a​ blog. But don’t start a​ blog on​ making money. Find your niche and sign up for free at​ Blogger to​ create your blog. you​ need to​ select a​ name for your blog. Select the​ name of​ your blog carefully. Write down half a​ dozen names that tell something about your blog topic. Check out those names using the​ overture keyword selector tool for search popularity. Use a​ name that people search at​ least more than a​ thousand times every month.

4. if​ you​ decide to​ use the​ number 3 (starting a​ blog) method to​ generate incomes,​ sign up with ReviewMe,​ PayPerPost,​ and Chitika for writing paid reviews of​ other companys’ products and services. This will supplement your Google’s Adsense incomes.

5. if​ you​ are good at​ computer programming,​ write a​ simple online tool,​ e.g calculating carbon foot print of​ your visitors,​ or​ total body fat. you​ get the​ idea. the​ program should be simple to​ use and easy to​ develop. Build a​ website around your tool and sign up with affiliate programs for revenue generation.

6. if​ you​ frequently go on​ short trips or​ vacation,​ buy a​ good but small and high resolutions digital camera for easy carrying with you​ all the​ time. Take at​ least 200 pictures on​ each trip and put them for sale on​ shutterpoint dot com. There are a​ few other websites where you​ can put your photos for sale. Check them out by doing a​ Google search.

7. Participate in​ paid survey.But don’t pay to​ join any program for paid survey. Use Google to​ search for paid survey and visit a​ dozen paid survey websites. Review their offerings and write those down. Now search webmaster forum in​ Google and then sign up in​ a​ couple of​ webmaster forums. Ask about others experiences with paid survey companies and pick a​ good one.

Now you​ have these seven unusual ways to​ make money online. you​ will not make a​ ton of​ money overnight. But once you​ gain experiences in​ online money making opportunities,​ you​ will explore other methods to​ earn big bucks.
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