7 Reasons Why A Network Marketing Mlm Business Is The Best Kind Of Business To Own

A lot of​ people are down on​ network marketing businesses (also know as​ multi-level marketing or​ MLM),​ but I’d like to​ give you​ 7 reasons why a​ network marketing business is​ the​ best kind of​ business to​ own.

1. Your chances for success are better in​ network marketing.

Yes,​ some people fail at​ it. in​ MLM or​ network marketing,​ you​ will often find that 20% of​ the​ people are making 80% of​ the​ money. Do you​ know what? That is​ exactly the​ same as​ the​ church I belong to-- 20% of​ the​ people who attend are actively involved and do 80% of​ the​ work that needs to​ be done.

I’m not surprised that it​ is​ similar in​ MLM. People are people. Some of​ the​ people who fail at​ network marketing are not motivated,​ some aren’t cut out for self employment,​ some are in​ the​ wrong company for them,​ and some are just not properly trained. But a​ motivated and trained person in​ a​ good company has a​ great chance of​ succeeding in​ their business.

On the​ other hand,​ if​ you​ start a​ “traditional” business your odds of​ success are much lower. According to​ the​ SBA,​ at​ least 50% of​ small businesses fail in​ their first year and 95% fail within the​ first five years. So,​ after 5 years of​ 12 hour days,​ in​ debt up to​ your eyeballs,​ you​ only have a​ 5% chance of​ succeeding. For some reason that just doesn’t do it​ for me.

2. the​ costs are much less to​ get into a​ network marketing business.

Most network marketing companies ask for a​ monthly minimum order to​ keep an​ active distributor status,​ it​ is​ true. This is​ part of​ what keeps the​ machine running. it​ is​ part of​ the​ business operating costs. it​ may be as​ much as​ $100,​ depending on​ the​ company.

Now compare that to​ the​ costs of​ traditional business ownership,​ like rent,​ utilities,​ inventory,​ insurance,​ taxes,​ employees,​ marketing and advertising,​ and much more. I think you​ get the​ idea.

You don’t have to​ be rich or​ go deep in​ debt to​ have your own home based network marketing business. it​ truly is​ an​ equalizer,​ giving everyone a​ fair chance at​ succeeding,​ no matter what the​ financial background or​ credit history is.

3. a​ network marketing business is​ simpler to​ run.

If you​ had your own business hopefully you​ could afford to​ hire an​ accountant and a​ secretary who would keep all your red-tape,​ paperwork,​ receipts,​ bookkeeping and such. if​ not,​ you​ would spend much of​ your time doing this.

With MLM,​ the​ company you​ are with handles most of​ the​ paperwork. you​ just need to​ keep your own financial records for your income taxes. This frees you​ up to​ spend your time and energy making money.

4. a​ network marketing business is​ easier to​ market and promote.

Most people who have their own “traditional” business are on​ their own when it​ comes to​ marketing and advertising. They usually try a​ little of​ everything to​ see if​ something will actually work. Often desperate business owners get taken in​ by slick sales people who promise results with their newest expensive advertising scheme.

A network marketing company has a​ proven marketing system that has been tested and used by many people. They will usually have their own marketing material that can be purchased at​ a​ lower cost because they can order in​ larger quantities.

5. you​ get the​ business training you​ need to​ succeed network marketing.

You don’t need to​ know anything about business to​ be successful in​ MLM. Your company has done all the​ work and research. They often hire the​ best marketers in​ the​ business to​ help them develop a​ training program because really want you​ to​ succeed and will do everything in​ their power to​ help you.

In traditional business you​ have to​ find the​ training you​ need on​ your own.

6. With a​ home based network marketing business,​ taxes are on​ your side.

There are many deductions you​ can take with a​ home based network marketing business that will help you​ reduce your taxes.

On the​ other hand,​ the​ government (federal,​ state,​ and local) all seem to​ have it​ in​ for traditional small businesses. And if​ you​ have employees,​ you​ are really paying much more for them than their salary,​ as​ any employer can tell you.

7. Network marketing is​ the​ future.

Some people say that network marketing or​ MLM is​ a​ pyramid scheme. That is​ not true. a​ pyramid scheme is​ illegal because it​ doesn’t work. There is​ no product,​ and thus no value to​ it. the​ people at​ the​ bottom put money in​ but the​ value doesn’t flow down to​ them. it​ is​ a​ scam because only the​ people who got in​ at​ the​ top make any money. Most of​ the​ people get ripped off. a​ good example of​ this is​ chain letters or​ the​ airplane game.

A pyramid the​ natural shape of​ structure for all businesses,​ including governments. a​ network marketing organization is​ no exception. Network marketing is​ just a​ new way to​ distribute and market goods and services. it​ is​ the​ way of​ the​ future. Even many huge traditional companies see this and are jumping on​ board.

Are you​ ready to​ give it​ a​ try? There are a​ lot of​ great network marketing companies out there. Do some research and try find the​ company that is​ right for you.

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7 Reasons Why A Network Marketing Mlm Business Is The Best Kind Of Business To Own 7 Reasons Why A Network Marketing Mlm Business Is The Best Kind Of
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