6 Suggested Historical Destinations For Student Travel

Student travel promises to​ be an​ enjoyable trip. Not only do students can visit several places,​ they could also learn so much on​ every trip. And since air travel agencies as​ well as​ airlines provide student travel discount and special student travel rate,​ student travel is​ becoming more and more available for greater number of​ students who want to​ explore and learn more about the​ world.

For first time travelers,​ here are some historical destinations you​ can consider for you​ student travel:

As the​ center of​ knowledge,​ government,​ and system in​ the​ ancient world,​ every student would be amazed how this ancient city grew and evolved. Students can visit Acropolis,​ Agora,​ Library of​ Hadrian,​ Kerameikos,​ Olympieion & Southeast Athens,​ Pnyx,​ Roman Agora & Tower of​ the​ Winds,​ Arch of​ Hadrian,​ City Eleusinion and other ancient sites in​ this ancient city of​ Athens.

Visit one of​ the​ earliest civilizations founded in​ this part of​ the​ world. Egypt features 3000 years old city in​ the​ banks of​ River Nile. Egypt is​ also one of​ the​ oldest tourist spots in​ the​ world with visitors coming from the​ ancient Rome and Greece.

Moving your way south from Cairo,​ the​ nation’s capital,​ you​ can stop at​ Giza where the​ infamous Great Pyramid stands. it​ was built by Pharaoh Khafu in​ the​ year 2550 BC. Standing at​ 147 meters,​ it​ was the​ largest and the​ most ambitious structure built in​ the​ ancient Egypt requiring 2.3 million stone block to​ erect. Also at​ Giza,​ see the​ Pyramid of​ Khafre home if​ the​ Sphinx. it​ was built 30 after the​ Great Pyramid. as​ the​ second largest,​ the​ Pyramid of​ Khafre stands at​ 144 meters of​ 471 feet. the​ third pyramid located at​ Giza was the​ Pyramid of​ Menkaure which stands at​ 65 meters or​ 213 feet.

Further south,​ Saqqara is​ home to​ the​ Step Pyramid of​ Djoser built in​ 2630 BC. Pyramid of​ Pepi II,​ also located at​ Saqqara was the​ last pyramid built by ancient Egyptians. in​ Dahshur,​ the​ Bent and the​ Red Pyramids are located. And down south at​ Maidum,​ the​ Maidum Pyramid can be found.

See the​ temples,​ mummies,​ tombs,​ hieroglyphics,​ and Valley of​ the​ Kings and the​ Queens if​ you​ visit Egypt.

See ancient Rome still intact with evidences of​ Roman structure and architectures built more than 2000 years ago. Rome presents the​ living timeline from the​ Roman Empire to​ the​ shift of​ the​ Middle Ages,​ to​ baroque and renaissance,​ to​ the​ dawn of​ the​ romantic period and enlightenment. Rome preserves its temples,​ churches,​ arts,​ and priceless paintings and murals.

A former territory of​ the​ Roman Empire which stood strong for more than a​ thousand years against several barbarian attack. Turkey is​ in​ the​ easternmost part of​ Europe that features a​ diverse culture,​ religion,​ philosophy,​ and architectures.

Travel Far East and learn the​ history of​ the​ ancient eastern civilization that was once unknown until the​ last centuries. See the​ Great Wall,​ a​ remnant of​ the​ Zhou Dynasty along with other unique oriental culture and tradition. See the​ Chinese painting,​ calligraphy,​ paper cutting,​ and Chinese art.

As the​ center of​ the​ Inca civilization,​ Peru is​ a​ great destination for student travel for discovery of​ South American history. the​ 500-year old Inca traces could be relived in​ the​ Inca Trail that is​ both exciting and educational. Walk to​ the​ Ollantaytambo,​ Sacsayhuaman,​ Machu Picchu,​ and Pisac.
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