4 Ways To Overcome The Wrecking Ball In Your Online Business

There are four ways to​ overcome the​ wrecking ball in​ your online business but seem to​ elude the​ faint hearted. if​ allowed,​ it​ will destroy the​ very fiber of​ your being!

I was almost classified in​ this category. Do you​ remember the​ song,​ “I just wish that I knew what I know now?” I don’t remember the​ artist,​ but I do remember the​ catchy tune. Knowing what I know now sure would have saved me a​ lot of​ heartache when I was younger.

When I was about ten I remember having a​ lemonade stand in​ the​ middle of​ fall. it​ was cold out then and my friends ribbed me so harshly that I almost gave up on​ my sales escapade. After I stayed outside for an​ hour or​ so with no sales money in​ my little cup,​ I began to​ believe what my friends were saying was true.

I guess my father saw my disappointment wrote all over my face through the​ window because he came out to​ keep me company. Now I don’t know about anyone else’s dad,​ but mine was like Superman in​ my eyes. Little did I know then pop taught me a​ few lessons that afternoon about business and life in​ general.

He sat and talked to​ me about 4 things I need to​ know to​ survive in​ any type of​ business. the​ 4 concepts are actually very simplistic in​ nature. They are belief,​ passion,​ patience,​ and perseverance.

Dad asked me if​ I still believe people will come and buy my lemonade. I answered by saying I didn’t know but if​ they were coming,​ I wished they would come soon. He told me to​ be patient and they will come. He said for right now,​ I need to​ know if​ you​ believe they will come or​ not. of​ course I said yes,​ but I still wasn’t sure.

I learned the​ awesome power of​ belief that day. I found out that when I truly believed they would show up and buy,​ I became very passionate about selling. I didn’t know the​ first thing about advertising or​ marketing like I know today,​ but I went into the​ house and began to​ call some kids in​ the​ neighbor. Little did I know,​ my mother already called their parents.

In the​ mean time I went back outside,​ only to​ find dad ready to​ tell me a​ story about some old farmer and his mule. Bet your bottom dollar I wasn’t very interested in​ his story then,​ but it​ kicked in​ about thirty years later. it​ was a​ perfect illustration about perseverance.

Pop told me this mule fell in​ an​ abandoned well. the​ farmer attempted its rescue. Unable,​ he was determined to​ bury his friend and dumped a​ load of​ dirt down the​ well. That mule kicked,​ stomped,​ and snorted,​ until he stood two feet higher. a​ few more loads of​ dirt a​ lot of​ kicking,​ snorting,​ and stomping down that dirt,​ the​ mule walked out on​ level ground… a​ survivor!

I bet by now your asking “What in​ the​ world does this story have to​ do with an​ online business?” it​ has everything to​ do with overcoming the​ wrecking ball!

Unlike the​ mule,​ often Internet marketers get caught in​ a​ well,​ but they see no way out so they give up! in​ actuality,​ the​ wrecking ball is​ a​ form of​ self-destruction! It’s so deadly! I truly believe this is​ the​ reason it​ is​ so elusive to​ the​ faint hearted. Not practicing these concepts in​ our business is​ like inviting a​ wrecking ball into our minds that can,​ and will,​ demolish everything in​ its path including our self esteem and confidence.

If you​ are one of​ the​ faint hearted,​ I urge you​ to​ keep your chin about you. Try believing that people will buy from you! Once you​ believe they will come,​ your passion level will be higher than you​ can possibly imagine!

Now get out there and advertise the​ heck out of​ your product(s). Just don’t expect it​ to​ happen overnight. it​ does take hard work. Be persistent and have patience prudence,​ they will come.

By the​ way,​ about that lemonade stand… within a​ half hour or​ so people started to​ come and buy my lemonade. I made $56.30 that day. it​ may not seem like a​ lot of​ money to​ you,​ but back then,​ at​ ten cents a​ glass and age 10,​ it​ seemed like a​ goldmine to​ me.

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