17 Ways To Instantly Increase Your Online Business Profits

1. Advertise your web site with banner ads that are animated and include a​ call to​ action. you​ must grab people's attention to​ make them want to​ click.

2. Use pop up windows or​ advertisements on​ your web site. They grab your visitors attention because they jump right out at​ them.

3. Buy internet business books,​ ebooks,​ private site memberships,​ etc. Study and learn all the​ new web site promotional ideas that you​ can.

4. Track the​ numbers for all your promotional efforts. Concentrate on​ the​ ads & promotions that work and drop the​ ones that don't work. Don't waste your valuable time and money!

5. Have an​ informative FAQ page at​ your web site. Anticipate questions your prospects or​ visitors may have; this will help improve your sales ratio.

6. Use text links if​ your banner ads are not pulling traffic. People don't ignore text links as​ much as​ they do banner ads.

7. Trade content with other ezine publishers or​ web sites. This is​ a​ powerful and effective way to​ place your links on​ other targeted web sites.

8. Keep your product available to​ your customers at​ all times. if​ you​ have to​ backorder it,​ they may end up canceling their order.

9. Use content on​ your web site so people can skim through it​ easily. Most people have little time so try using lists,​ short tips,​ short articles,​etc

10 Add a​ message board or​ chat room to​ your web site. if​ people enjoy it,​ they will revisit your web site to​ participate regularly.

11. Gain an​ advantage over your competition. you​ should find one benefit your competition doesn't offer and use it​ as​ your main selling point. you​ can also beat your competition by giving away a​ similar product or​ service that they charge for. it​ could be add on​ products,​ warranties,​ servicing,​ etc.

12. Design your e-zine so it​ creates multiple free advertising streams. Ask readers to​ forward it​ to​ people they know,​ offer ad trades,​ etc.

13. Allow your visitors to​ subscribe to​ an​ update e-zine. Anytime you​ make changes to​ your web site they can receive an​ informative e-mail.

14. Focus your articles on​ information the​ targeted readers and e-zine publishers want. They will get published more often,​ which means free publicity.

15. Use problems to​ attract online traffic. Find a​ common online problem and use your web site to​ solve it. People will visit and see your ads.

16. Improve your negotiation skills. This'll improve your business because you're always negotiating ad swaps,​ supply prices,​ joint ventures,​ wages,​ etc. if​ you​ advertise in​ newspapers,​ ALWAYS negotiate on​ price. When you​ pay for the​ following month,​ RENEGOTIATE again,​ and tell them that your ad didn’t get nearly the​ traffic you​ were hoping for.

17. Get the​ most from each one of​ your visitors. Automatically subscribe your customers to​ your e-zine,​ & give them incentives to​ participate on​ your message board,​ bookmark & refer your site,​ etc.
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