10 Things Travelers Need When Visiting Cape Town

Cape Town is​ a​ beautiful city with rich cultural events and the​ top 5 attractions in​ all of​ South Africa. When you​ visit Cape Town,​ South Africa,​ you​ will need to​ make sure you​ are prepared,​ so your trip will be more enjoyable. the​ more preparation you​ do before you​ leave,​ the​ less you​ have to​ worry about once you​ get there. Then you​ will be free to​ relax and enjoy your visit.

1. Sun Protection
The sun in​ South Africa can be harsh,​ so you’ll need to​ wear sun protective lotion,​ as​ well as​ protective clothing like hats or​ visors to​ keep the​ sun out of​ your eyes and face.

2. Copies of​ Passport and Travel Documents
You always want to​ make sure you​ have more than one copy of​ your passport and travel documents in​ case you​ are to​ lose them or​ have them stolen. These are the​ only means by which you​ can return to​ your country,​ so protect them well.

3. Proper Clothing
Light cotton clothing is​ advised in​ the​ summer. the​ evenings get cooler so pack warmer clothing as​ well. Dress is​ typically casual in​ Cape Town even for evenings at​ the​ theater or​ restaurants.

4. Good Accommodations
My favorite place to​ stay in​ Cape Town South Africa is​ the​ Commodore Hotel. This is​ a​ 5-star hotel on​ the​ waterfront near the​ center of​ Cape Town. While,​ the​ room rate is​ a​ bit pricey,​ a​ hot breakfast buffet and world class service certainly makes up for it.

5. Money for Tipping
South African currency is​ called the​ Rand (R). the​ Rand is​ split into 100 cents,​ similar to​ the​ US Dollar and cents. you​ will need to​ carry money with you​ to​ tip people for service such as​ wait staff,​ taxi drivers,​ hotel staff,​ etc. 10% is​ a​ fair tip in​ Cape Town.

6. Safety Precautions
Never walk unpopulated streets of​ South Africa alone. Do not wear excessive jewelry or​ watches and keep the​ amount of​ cash you​ carry to​ a​ minimum. the​ Police emergency number is​ 10111.

7. Immunizations
While there are no international immunizations needed to​ enter South Africa,​ you​ should be aware that Malaria is​ a​ risk throughout the​ year. So protect yourself from diseases as​ you​ feel necessary. It’s better to​ be safe than sorry.

8. Local Driving Rules
In Cape Town everyone drives on​ the​ left side of​ the​ road. Many of​ the​ National roadways have tolls so always bring money with you​ if​ you​ are planning on​ traveling by car. Seat belts are required and if​ you​ have a​ young child with you,​ you​ should reserve a​ car set in​ advance.

9. Local Prices
You should have some understanding of​ the​ local prices,​ so you​ don’t get surprised or​ taken advantage of​ while on​ holiday in​ Cape Town. the​ average McDonalds meal is​ R23.00,​ bottled water is​ R5.00,​ a​ ticket to​ the​ movies is​ R30.00 and dinner out is​ about R100.00 each person.

10. Travel Insurance
Medical services are available at​ private hospitals and doctors in​ private practice. you​ should have some form of​ travel insurance that covers medical expenses. Again,​ it’s better to​ be safe than sorry in​ case something does happen during the​ trip away.
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