Zero Down Home Financing No Money Down Mortgage Loans

Zero Down Home Financing - No Money Down Mortgage Loans
Zero down home financing helps you​ buy a​ house with little out of​ pocket expense .​
Instead of​ depositing $60,​000 to​ $20,​000 to​ get in​ your home,​ the​ most you​ will pay are closing costs of​ a​ few thousands .​
No money down can also help you​ buy a​ vacation home without completely depleting your investments.
When to​ Pick a​ No Money Down Mortgage
A no money down mortgage is​ a​ viable option for many people .​
For one,​ you​ can get into a​ house for about the​ cost of​ rent .​
You can hold onto your cash for moving expenses rather than a​ large down payment .​
For those looking to​ buy a​ vacation home,​ zero down helps you​ keep your assets liquid,​ not needlessly tying them up in​ a​ property.
Choosing Your Zero Down Mortgage Loan
Zero down mortgage loans come with two different terms .​
The most common zero down mortgage finances just 100% of​ the​ home’s price .​
All closing costs and application fees are still required.
The other zero down mortgage includes fees with the​ loan up to​ 3% or​ 5% .​
Since the​ principal is​ over the​ home’s value,​ these types of​ loans are harder to​ qualify for .​
In most cases,​ you​ need an​ excellent credit score and cash reserves.
Skipping PMI With No Money Down
One of​ the​ hurdles of​ a​ no money down home loan is​ the​ additional cost of​ private mortgage insurance (PMI) .​
Most conventional loans require you​ to​ carry this insurance until you​ reach 20% equity either through appreciation or​ payments on​ the​ loan’s principal.
You can avoid this expense by piggy backing your loans .​
By taking out two mortgages,​ one for 80% and the​ other for 20%,​ you​ don’t have to​ pay premiums .​
The same lender can carry both loans,​ or​ you​ can choose different lenders.
Finding the​ Right Lender
To find a​ lender who offers zero down financing,​ start by asking for loan quotes for no money down mortgages .​
With most online sites,​ you​ will get a​ response in​ minutes on​ rates and terms .​
If you​ have trouble qualifying with a​ conventional lender,​ turn to​ a​ subprime lender .​
They offer more creative terms.
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