Use A Mortgage Calculator To Guide Your Home Equity Loan Decision

Use a​ Mortgage Calculator to​ Guide Your Home Equity Loan Decision
The difference between a​ home loan and a​ home equity loan lies mainly in​ that the​ home equity loan,​ also known as​ a​ second or​ even third mortgage,​ is​ issued at​ a​ higher interest rate .​
This interest rate is​ lower than you​ could expect to​ pay on​ a​ credit card,​ but it​ will be still higher than the​ original interest rate .​
Use a​ home equity mortgage calculator to​ see what releasing different percentages of​ your equity makes to​ the​ payments required .​
The mortgage calculator then allows you​ to​ compare whether this is​ the​ best course of​ action open to​ you.
The alternative which may be more attractive financially is​ refinancing your home completely .​
This is​ where the​ mortgage calculator can really work for you​ .​
There are a​ number of​ options when refinancing,​ especially if​ you​ have a​ substantial amount of​ equity in​ the​ home .​
By inputting these,​ one at​ a​ time,​ into a​ mortgage calculator you​ can create a​ list which will allow you​ to​ clearly see which option benefits you​ best .​
Home equity loans often seem far more attractive to​ the​ home owner than they actually are .​
This is​ because the​ lender is​ hoping to​ seduce you​ into signing your property into his hands .​
Find out all the​ details and use your mortgage calculator .​
See if​ what you​ calculates matches what they want you​ to​ sign for .​
Later you​ may find that it​ wasn't such a​ good idea as​ your home suddenly becomes under threat of​ foreclosure because of​ some contractual obligation that you​ hadn't fully understood.
Only in​ extreme circumstances should you​ even consider a​ home equity loan that completely strips your property of​ any value over mortgage total .​
Keep your payments affordable by using the​ mortgage calculator and always factor in​ an​ additional percent or​ two on​ the​ interest rate.
Refinancing your home is​ a​ major step,​ but as​ with a​ first mortgage this is​ the​ only claim on​ your property .​
If you​ take out a​ home equity loan instead,​ then you​ will have an​ additional lender who has a​ financial stake in​ your home .​
If you​ decide that you​ much prefer the​ terms on​ the​ home equity loan,​ and the​ mortgage calculator seems to​ bring it​ well within your budget,​ then make sure you​ read the​ small print carefully .​
You need to​ know what the​ payments are for: are they just interest which will leave a​ large capital balance payable at​ a​ later date,​ for example? Make sure you​ can afford these additional monthly payments.
Here are a​ few don'ts that will help you​ in​ the​ long run:
* Don't lie to​ yourself or​ your mortgage calculator.
* Don't over-estimate your income under any circumstances; treat overtime money as​ extra if​ possible,​ and not part of​ your usual salary.
*Don't over-estimate the​ equity in​ your home in​ the​ mortgage calculator .​
This can lead to​ false hopes which your property appraiser will quickly dispel .​
If you​ are hoping to​ use the​ released capital to​ make home improvements,​ these should add value to​ your property .​
Look into this carefully to​ find out approximately how much you'll be increasing your property's value before committing to​ either the​ loan or​ having the​ work carried out .​
Failure to​ carry out the​ work means you​ are still responsible for the​ loan,​ but that you​ have not created any new equity.
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