The Sims Online Is Now Free And You Can Earn Money Playing It

The Sims Online is​ Now Free,​ And You Can Earn Money Playing It!
The Sims Online has now become EA Land,​ and with the​ change of​ name have come a​ number of​ alterations to​ the​ basic structure of​ the​ game,​ which are drawing in​ new players by the​ droves .​
Free play; custom content; ownable stores; Paypal-enabled exchange of​ Simoleons for actual money; the​ list goes on,​ and the​ game gets better every week .​
Here's a​ review of​ some of​ the​ changes,​ and how you can use them to​ earn money:
Free Play
Not much explanation necessary here .​
The 14-day trial of​ old has now been extended to​ permanent free play,​ with a​ few limitations .​
One of​ the​ most noteworthy of​ these is​ that free players will only be able to​ cash-out more money than they cashed in; in​ other words,​ they can't actually make any money from the​ game until they are subscribers .​
The only way to​ earn money in-game is​ to​ team up with a​ full subscriber,​ and get them to​ pay you .​
Your free play account is​ easily upgradeable to​ full member,​ so once you're earning more cash in-game than the​ $9.99 a​ month it​ costs to​ subscribe,​ it's time to​ upgrade.
Custom Content
At last! the​ Sims Online has allowed users to​ create custom content .​
Apart from adding variety and interest,​ this is​ a​ great way for players to​ earn money in​ the​ game,​ and real life .​
To create custom content you can either modify an​ existing Sims object,​ start completely from scratch,​ or​ use a​ photograph or​ existing image as​ a​ basis for your new Sims object .​
There are plenty of​ tutorials available to​ show you how to​ get started,​ and you'll be surprised how easy it​ is​ to​ do once you've had a​ little practice.
Player to​ Player Commerce
With the​ advent of​ custom content,​ players are now able to​ sell items that they've made to​ other players .​
This system has already worked extremely well in​ Second Life,​ and now that it's come to​ the​ online version of​ the​ best selling game ever,​ a​ colossal marketplace is​ set to​ develop .​
While the​ creation of​ these custom products might be easy for those of​ us who are used to​ the​ internet and basic graphic programs,​ for a​ lot of​ people these are difficult technology,​ and they are exactly the​ sort of​ people who play the​ Sims,​ and nothing else .​
If you can edit images then you can build content,​ and there is​ a​ business opportunity for you in​ the​ Sims Online world -- just remember not to​ forget it's about fun.
Cashing-in and cashing-out are EA speak for turning your dollars into Simoleons (cashing in) and converting them (plus more) back to​ dollars (cashing out) .​
Both transactions will be performed through Paypal,​ so your money should be safe .​
This means that EA Land is​ now a​ place where you can earn money without even leaving your house.
There are a​ few sites around still offering (legal) cheats for the​ Sims Online,​ including bots who continually work to​ earn you money .​
Check out the​ link below for details.
At last,​ it​ seems,​ EA have finally implemented the​ changes that players have been crying out for since the​ Sims Online first hit our screens,​ pushing it​ out of​ mediocrity and into the​ big-money realms of​ games such as​ Second Life and WOW .​
Considering that Sims 1 and 2 are the​ top-selling games of​ all time,​ attracting millions of​ players who otherwise wouldn't even touch a​ computer,​ the​ Sims Online could well be set to​ herald in​ a​ new era of​ online gaming .​
Keep watching.
The Sims Online Is Now Free And You Can Earn Money Playing It The Sims Online Is Now Free And You Can Earn Money Playing It Reviewed by Henda Yesti on June 23, 2018 Rating: 5

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