Tax Benefits Of Incorporation

Tax Benefits of​ Incorporation
Is it​ less taxing to​ incorporate?
Some companies may seem to​ escape death,​ but they will ever be able to​ escape taxes .​
That doesn't mean there aren't some tax benefits out there,​ though,​ that only the​ corporations are getting .​
Companies are tempted to​ incorporate for a​ number of​ reasons,​ but more and more often,​ taxes are the​ main motivator .​
But why?
Well,​ it's important to​ note right away that incorporation only means tax benefits for some companies .​
For others,​ taxes might actually become a​ bigger problem than they were before .​
However,​ potentially,​ you​ have a​ lot to​ gain – in​ what you​ won't be paying in​ taxes to​ the​ government – by incorporating .​
There are a​ few basic tax benefits that corporations often rely upon .​
The first one is​ tax deferral .​
All this means,​ really,​ is​ that a​ company can keep more of​ its earnings .​
How can this be? When a​ company becomes a​ corporation,​ it​ becomes a​ separate entity of​ its owner and thus adheres to​ different rules than it​ did before .​
Typically,​ an​ owner must pay taxes directly to​ the​ government on​ his or​ her net income .​
But if​ that same owner has a​ corporation on​ his or​ her hands,​ it's an​ entirely new ballgame .​
The corporation has different tax rates than its owner! Depending on​ the​ state,​ a​ corporation will have to​ pay little to​ no income tax .​
You can expect that the​ income tax of​ a​ corporation will be significantly lower than a​ personal income tax .​
This may all sound very quaint and appealing,​ but there's more to​ the​ story .​
The grass isn't necessarily greener on​ the​ other side because of​ a​ nuisance called double taxation .​
Double taxation happens when both the​ shareholder and the​ corporation are taxed for various profits and gains .​
Especially when a​ corporation liquidates,​ this is​ a​ problem .​
(As new dividends make themselves known.) There are ways to​ resolve the​ double taxation dilemma,​ but it​ does take quite a​ bit of​ thought and planning.
Whether you're running a​ company or​ a​ corporation,​ you​ must think about taxes in​ the​ long term .​
Don't just plan for this year and next – think far into the​ future and foresee problems like double taxation .​
As you​ consider the​ tax benefits of​ incorporation,​ make sure to​ also consider the​ disadvantages and added complications .​
If you​ want to​ get the​ best bang for your buck when you​ incorporate,​ you​ must play an​ active role in​ the​ process of​ turning your company into a​ corporation .​
And that means you​ can't take for granted the​ promise of​ tax benefits .​
Also keep in​ mind that tax law is​ ever-changing and tax benefits that generations before you​ had may be nonexistent today,​ while new benefits may take their place .​
It's advisable to​ keep up to​ date about what your state legislatures are coming up with from year to​ year .​
Because each company has its own personality and ambitions and of​ course net profits,​ some tax benefits may be more disposable than others .​
The only appeal of​ tax benefits is​ that a​ company retains more of​ its earnings,​ so if​ incorporation is​ costing you​ money in​ other areas,​ you​ will want to​ note this .​
It's important to​ weigh all the​ costs and benefits against each other!
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