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Choosing the​ Best Shipment Company
Air freight and cargo have been important in​ the​ industry .​
They play a​ crucial role in​ providing business solutions and supporting the​ global chain .​
There are lots of​ air shipping companies that provide better services .​
But only a​ few of​ them can give you​ kind of​ service you​ want at​ a​ competitive shipping cost.
In choosing the​ best air freight company,​ you​ must understand first some important points before deciding for one .​
Below are some helpful points you​ should look for before dealing with an​ air freight company.
1. Look for the​ shipping benefits they offer .​
An air freight company should offer direct access or​ contact to​ an​ advanced cargo shipping network at​ a​ reasonable shipping price .​
They should give variety of​ integrated shipping services .​
And more importantly,​ the​ company must be supported by known air freight shipping companies in​ the​ shipping industry .​
Example of​ this big time air freight companies are the​ American airlines,​ Roadway Corporation and Kitty hawk.
2. Find out the​ shipping services available .​
Look for the​ shipping freight that will suit your needs .​
It must provide a​ complete line of​ transportation process,​ from pick up to​ delivery .​
The arrival of​ shipment must be ensured,​ and should not exceed 5 days .​
You can visit the​ website of​ the​ shipping freight to​ find out more of​ their products and shipping services .​
You can also talk directly to​ their customer care representatives .​
3. Know the​ sizes of​ the​ cargo,​ the​ company accepts .​
Most would accept any shipment size,​ but practically you​ can save almost 50% on​ some shipments greater than 200 pounds.
4. Be economical in​ choosing the​ shipping company .​
You must be sure that you​ get the​ best service that’s worth your pay .​
Shipping companies must only compute for the​ transportation fee,​ the​ service level,​ and some factor like the​ time of​ the​ day and the​ day of​ the​ week .​
There are also additional fee such as​ the​ air freight tax,​ regulatory fees and some special services needed .​
It is​ vital to​ canvass first the​ shipping cost before dealing with such company.
5. Always check the​ shipment location of​ the​ air freight .​
Some would only offer seamless service to​ respective places.
6. Look for a​ company that provides easy access .​
There are some that needs online registration while others may require you​ to​ call their customer care .​
You can also apply for credit card so that you​ easily start shipping your products after registration .​
By doing these,​ you​ can won’t waste lots of​ time and effort.
7. Be sure that the​ company operates a​ 24/7 customer care service .​
This is​ important so that you​ can easily track your freight shipments by inquiring at​ the​ customer care center .​
It is​ always advisable that you​ track all shipments ensuring that they are visible all through the​ shipment transit .​
Check the​ status of​ your shipment from the​ pick up until you​ get the​ proof of​ delivery.
8. You can always create shipment reports .​
This is​ beneficial for you​ so that you​ can have an​ easy access of​ the​ summary of​ all the​ shipping you​ made .​
Shipping can be convenient if​ you​ know how to​ choose the​ best shipping company .​
It is​ quality that counts .​
Opt for the​ air freight company that uses state of​ the​ art cargo engines with competitive shipping rates to​ provide chain needs and business solutions.
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