Subprime Mortgage Loans What Is A Subprime Loan

Subprime Mortgage Loans – What is​ a​ Subprime Loan?
Perhaps you​ have seen a​ television commercial or​ billboard advertising super low mortgage interest rates .​
If you​ have good credit,​ you​ are likely a​ good candidate for such loan programs .​
On the​ other hand,​ if​ your credit score is​ low,​ obtaining a​ prime loan rate is​ not very feasible .​
In this case,​ a​ subprime loan is​ the​ best option.
Subprime vs .​
Prime Mortgage Loans
Individuals familiar with home loans are likely aware of​ two loan programs .​
Those with a​ good credit rating will generally qualify for prime loan rates .​
Moreover,​ homebuyers who have cash for a​ down payment and closing costs will also qualify for prime rates .​
If your home buying situation is​ slightly different,​ you​ may qualify for a​ subprime loan.
What Are Subprime Mortgage Loans?
Subprime mortgage loans are primarily offered to​ individuals with low credit scores .​
These persons do not qualify for traditional financing .​
Mortgage companies and other financial lending institutions have exact lending requirements .​
If an​ applicant does not fit their criteria,​ the​ loan application is​ denied.
While getting approved for a​ mortgage loan with bad credit is​ a​ major feature of​ subprime loans,​ there is​ one main drawback to​ subprime loans .​
Because large portions of​ the​ loans are granted to​ individuals with poor credit,​ the​ odds of​ these loans defaulting are high .​
Because of​ this,​ most subprime loans have a​ higher interest rate .​
Of course,​ rates depend on​ credit .​
Applicants with fair credit may get approved for comparable rates,​ whereas those with extremely low credit scores can expect rates with a​ two or​ three point increase.
How to​ Choose a​ Subprime Mortgage Loan Lender?
Some lenders specialize in​ subprime loans .​
Furthermore,​ many traditional mortgage companies have begu​n offering subprime loans .​
The fastest and easiest way to​ locate a​ reputable subprime lender is​ through a​ mortgage broker.
Everyone's situation varies .​
Some bad credit applicants have funds for a​ down payment and closing,​ whereas some prime applicants do not have extra money to​ cover these costs .​
a​ mortgage broker is​ able to​ find the​ best loan program for your situation.
To begin,​ applicants will need to​ submit a​ quote request .​
You must include information such as​ income,​ credit rating,​ home price,​ etc .​
Based on​ your profile information,​ lenders will compete for your business and submit detail quotes .​
Thus,​ you​ are able to​ review mortgage rates and terms before choosing a​ loan package.
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