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State Sales Tax
Most,​ if​ not all,​ states have a​ sales tax that you​ must pay when you​ make a​ purchase .​
The rate of​ state sales tax differs from state to​ state,​ and the​ items that can be taxed may be different as​ well .​
In Pennsylvania,​ I​ know the​ tax was six percent when I​ last lived there,​ and there is​ no tax on​ clothing .​
However,​ in​ New York,​ the​ sales tax is​ higher,​ and there is​ most definitely a​ tax on​ clothing .​
You will have to​ check with your state to​ find out what exactly your rate is​ and what your tax will be applied to.
One thing that is​ subject to​ state sales tax is​ gas .​
Right now,​ gas prices are going up and down .​
They are down right now,​ and are almost a​ dollar less per gallon then they were just two months ago .​
I​ live near the​ state line of​ Pennsylvania and New York,​ and I​ was surprised to​ learn that by driving south a​ few minutes,​ I​ can get my gas in​ PA thirty cents per gallon cheaper .​
The local news has stated that New York has the​ highest prices in​ the​ country,​ and no one can figure out why .​
The state sales tax on​ gas is​ higher than other places,​ but it​ does not account for all of​ the​ extra money we are paying.
Because New York has state sales tax on​ clothing,​ many people go into Pennsylvania to​ buy clothing when they have a​ lot to​ buy .​
There are a​ few times during the​ year when NY has a​ week where you​ can buy clothing without the​ state sales tax being tacked on,​ and I​ think they do this to​ boost sales and to​ keep business within the​ state .​
If you​ live in​ New York,​ this is​ a​ great time to​ save money on​ clothing,​ and you​ can also save on​ footwear .​
You should look up the​ specifics if​ you​ want to​ take advantage.
If you​ own a​ business,​ don’t forget that you​ have to​ charge your customers state sales tax,​ and you​ have to​ pay this money in​ .​
You have to​ keep a​ tab on​ it,​ and you​ have to​ find out if​ out of​ state customers that may order online or​ through the​ mail will have to​ pay your state sales tax or​ not .​
If you​ are lax in​ these responsibilities,​ you​ are going to​ get in​ big trouble .​
Make sure this is​ something you​ check on​ every time you​ go over your books with your accountant.
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