Start A Hauling Shopping Taxi Business

Start a​ Hauling/Shopping/Taxi Business
Here is​ a​ simple business anyone with a​ van or​ SUV can perform: haul stuff for other people who don't have a​ way to​ do it​ themselves .​
You could move lawn mowers,​ bags of​ garden soil,​ playground equipment,​ Christmas trees,​ musical instruments,​ furniture,​ big dogs from the​ groomers-you get the​ idea .​
Starting this home business is​ easy .​
Make sure your vehicle is​ in​ good shape .​
Be sure your car insurance is​ up to​ date .​
You don't want any trouble if​ your vehicle should get into a​ fender-bender .​
Now,​ print up flyers advertising your business .​
Place the​ flyers in​ furniture stores,​ garden centers,​ grocery stores,​ laundromats,​ and wherever else you​ can find a​ bulletin board .​
College bulletin boards are prime hunting grounds for business .​
Also,​ place ads in​ your local newspaper .​
Once your business takes off your customers will soon be telling their friends,​ Hey,​ I​ know a​ guy with a​ van who will haul it .​
Word of​ mouth is​ a​ priceless form of​ free advertising .​
How much you​ should charge for your service depends on​ what you're hauling and how far you​ have to​ haul it .​
You want to​ keep the​ price reasonable,​ or​ word will spread of​ your high prices and your customers will go elsewhere .​
Reasonable prices and friendly reliable service will build your hauling service fast .​
Here's another way to​ put your gas-guzzler to​ work: Start a​ grocery shopping service .​
Your customers would call or​ fax their grocery order to​ the​ supermarket .​
Your customer gives you​ the​ money to​ pay for the​ groceries .​
You go to​ the​ store and pick up the​ order for your client .​
The growing senior population would love this service .​
Make sure you​ place ads in​ the​ paper and flyers in​ supermarkets,​ laundromats,​ and senior citizen clubs .​
Here's one more way you​ can put your vehicle to​ work! If you​ have a​ safe driving record you​ could provide a​ taxi service for senior citizens and any latchkey kids who need to​ get to​ an​ after school activity .​
You could charge five or​ six dollars per trip .​
Give your frequent travelers a​ break by offering a​ free ride after a​ certain numbers of​ trips .​
It would be wise to​ provide the​ parents of​ any kids you​ transport proof you​ can be trusted .​
If the​ parents say it​ isn't necessary then insist they check out your driving record,​ car insurance,​ and whether or​ not you​ have a​ criminal record .​
You are protecting yourself by doing this .​
Bad things happen .​
You don't want to​ get caught in​ the​ crossfire .​
Make sure your vehicle is​ comfortable and clean for your travelers .​
Have a​ fully outfitted first aid kit,​ a​ primed fire hydrant,​ and a​ toolbox in​ your car .​
Accidents do happen,​ people,​ even to​ the​ safest of​ drivers .​
You need to​ consider the​ safety of​ your passengers so insist everyone buckle up .​
Prove to​ be a​ reliable and trustworthy taxi service and many other parents will soon have you​ shipping their kids to​ and from soccer practice .​
Hauling furniture,​ grocery shopping,​ and a​ taxi service .​
You use your vehicle to​ do these chores for yourself all the​ time .​
Start making money doing them for others!
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