Secure Tax Lien Certificates Produce Guaranteed Profits

Predictable,​ Certain,​ and Secure - Tax Lien Certificates Produce Guaranteed Profits of​ 16%,​ 18%,​ even 24% and More
How would you​ like to​ find out about an​ investment vehicle that is​ not affected by the​ topsy-turvy nature of​ the​ stock market? How would you​ like to​ know about a​ method of​ investing that locks in​ your rate of​ return,​ regardless of​ what happens with the​ so called real estate bubble?
If you’ve ever put money into the​ stock market,​ you​ know that it​ can be a​ frightening roller coaster ride! the​ market goes up and the​ market goes down .​
Often without any rhyme or​ reason!

Even the​ expert predictions prove to​ be wrong time after time! you​ can lay awake night after night wondering if​ you​ will ever see your hard earned investment dollars again.
If you​ are like most people you​ are probably asking,​ When can I​ have a​ little predictability?
Well,​ that is​ exactly what you’ll find in​ the​ little known world of​ government issued Tax Lien and Tax Deed Certificates!

What is​ a​ Tax Lien Certificate?
A Tax Lien Certificate is​ a​ lien on​ a​ piece of​ property for taxes owed.
These Certificates have proven to​ be Predictable,​ Certain,​ and Secure!
Here’s why...
PREDICTABLE...because the​ rates of​ return are fixed by law! the​ rates differ by state and local statutes .​

For example Arizona pays up to​ 16%,​ Florida is​ 18%,​ and in​ Texas you​ get 25% .​
in​ states like Michigan you​ can earn up to​ 50% .​
the​ best part is​ that your rates of​ return are locked in​ and guaranteed.
No matter what happens to​ the​ stock market,​ the​ economy...your rate of​ return remains the​ same .​
So you​ know from the​ beginning what your minimum profit will be! (And in​ some instances you​ can earn massive windfall profits up to​ 500%.)

CERTAIN...because you​ are actually investing with the​ government! the​ government makes the​ rules,​ the​ government sets the​ interest rate you’ll receive,​ and the​ government enforces the​ process! (You will either receive your initial investment back...along with the​ substantial interest rate as​ your profit .​
Or you​ will end up owning the​ property itself...all according to​ government regulations.)

SECURE...because your investment is​ attached to​ the​ real estate the​ taxes are owed on! Your investment is​ secured by a​ Government Certificate,​ which is​ attached to​ the​ real property .​
the​ property cannot be sold with clear title until your Certificate is​ paid off in​ full .​
(In other words the​ Tax Certificate is​ a​ priority lien on​ the​ nothing can happen with that property until you​ get paid.)

In fact,​ a​ Government Tax Certificate is​ normally superior to​ a​ mortgage lien! So if​ your investment and profit are not paid within the​ specified time period,​ the​ mortgage company might step in​ and pay you​ off in​ order to​ protect their interest .​
If they don’t,​ you​ own the​ property for pennies on​ the​ dollar.
Any way you​ cut it,​ Government Tax Certificates offer a​ solid investment choice that is​ Predictable,​ Certain,​ and Secure!

Now,​ some state use a​ Tax Deed process .​
And we’ll cover that next time!
The key to​ success is​ to​ arm yourself with the​ right information and understanding of​ the​ rules in​ your particular locale.
For there is​ power in​ knowledge,​ provided you​ have the​ right knowledge...and provided you​ act upon it!
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