Peanut Butter Invoices And Cheerio Tax Filings

Have you​ ever had to​ consider whether or​ not to​ mail a​ specific invoice because of​ a​ peanut butter stain on​ its corner? Ever found a​ cheerio in​ among your tax documents? Do you​ have bad dreams that involve small children,​ company manuals,​ and a​ shredder? if​ so,​ you​ must run a​ home business in​ a​ small home. Those who come home to​ work do so because of​ the​ ones that leave the​ peanut butter stains,​ rogue cheerio,​ and bad dreams. However,​ ways exist to​ maximize the​ home office space and eliminate the​ chances for the​ divorce of​ children and the​ family business.

First and foremost,​ the​ home business owner must consider the​ variety of​ space savers that will help him maximize his office space. Shelves save incredible amounts of​ space and cost relatively little for what they do. Remember that you​ do not need the​ mahogany bookcase you​ saw recently at​ Office Depot,​ but a​ simple set of​ pressboard shelves and metal brackets from the​ local hardware store will do the​ job. Put up your shelves,​ and move those important documents from underneath the​ desk to​ the​ shelves,​ well out of​ the​ reach of​ little fingers.

Create a​ kid zone in​ the​ office. you​ came home to​ work so you​ could spend time with your kids,​ and yet you​ will only create horrible memories for them and yourself if​ you​ constantly spend time screaming,​ "Don't touch that!" Instead,​ set up a​ small area in​ the​ corner of​ the​ office with a​ sort of​ mini desk. Maybe your toddler wants to​ mimic you. Give them paper and crayons so they can work as​ you​ work at​ your desk. Make them respect the​ physical boundaries in​ the​ office. if​ you​ do not want them on​ your desk,​ tell them that and then discipline them when they violate those boundaries. One of​ the​ dearest pictures of​ John F. Kennedy and his son John Jr. has John Jr. as​ a​ child playing in​ the​ alcove under his father's desk as​ his father meets with cabinet members in​ the​ office. John Jr. knew where he could play,​ and this created a​ sort of​ bond between father and son that remains famous to​ this day thanks to​ that picture. you​ do not have to​ ban your children from the​ office,​ but you​ do need to​ create boundaries.

Finally,​ if​ you​ do not already have one,​ create a​ home office. you​ should have one specific space that works as​ your home office. the​ kitchen table is​ not a​ desk,​ and the​ countertops are not shelves. you​ should not have a​ roaming office from the​ kitchen to​ the​ living room to​ the​ den. if​ you​ do not have a​ place for an​ office,​ make a​ place. Consider the​ corner of​ the​ garage or​ the​ corner of​ the​ laundry room. Find a​ place and make it​ the​ office until you​ can have a​ genuine home office.

The home business should not suffer because of​ the​ tiny administrative assistants or​ the​ cramped quarters. if​ you​ came home to​ spend time with your kids,​ then find a​ way to​ do both work and spend time with them. Do not ban them,​ but create boundaries. And then you​ can learn to​ both make a​ living and enjoy your children.
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