Oscars And Taxes

Oscars and Taxes
Ratings for the​ Oscars were down a​ whopping 10 percent compared to​ 2018 .​
Well,​ at​ least the​ Internal Revenue Service was watching .​
Goodie Bags – Not So Goodie
Actors that get nominated for an​ Oscar are might happy indeed .​
Praise rains down upon them for a​ good performance and better parts are often in​ the​ offering .​
Win an​ Oscar and the​ world is​ their oyster .​
More important than all of​ this,​ of​ course,​ is​ the​ Oscar goodie bag .​
Get an​ Oscar goodie bag and you​ know you’ve made it​ in​ Hollywood .​
The bag is​ a​ collection of​ obscenely expensive things .​
The 2018 goodie bag was valued at​ over $100,​00 and included items such as​ vacation packages to​ posh resorts with a​ butler included,​ the​ latest mobile phone gadgets,​ more vacation packages,​ private rooms at​ top restaurants and so on​ .​
Heck,​ who needs to​ actually win the​ Oscar?
In a​ hilarious and cheeky move,​ the​ IRS decided to​ have a​ little fun with the​ nominees .​
Just days before the​ show,​ the​ service issued a​ press release .​
It wished all the​ nominees the​ best of​ luck at​ the​ show .​
IRS Commission Mark Everson than reminded the​ nominees that the​ goodie bags were taxable and he wanted them to​ Walk the​ Line .​
I​ kid you​ naught .​
In this instance,​ the​ IRS has really gone to​ far .​
Why must the​ agency be such a​ burden to​ the​ hard working professionals in​ Hollywood? Just one look at​ Joaquin Phoenix and you​ could see the​ effect .​
Or it​ could be constipation,​ but who can really say .​
This move by the​ IRS is​ particularly overbearing when you​ consider the​ non-winners .​
Winners could care less about the​ taxes since an​ Oscar is​ a​ guarantee of​ more roles and more money .​
The losers,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ must suffer twofold .​
First,​ they have to​ do their best acting performance by pretending to​ be happy the​ lost .​
Second,​ they have to​ suffer their loss of​ instant fame .​
I​ mean,​ remember that actor .​
Name was Johnny Depp or​ something? He lost and who has heard of​ him since?
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