Mortgage Loan Company Offers Pay Day Loans

Mortgage Loan Company Offers Pay Day Loans
One of​ the​ first online lenders to​ offer payday loans,​ Cash Central is​ a​ short-term loan facilitator serving the​ financial needs of​ online customers.
Visitors will come to​ the​ site in​ need of​ a​ short-term personal loan .​
They repay the​ loan with a​ pre-authorized electronic withdrawal from their checking account on​ their next payday .​
Payday loan rates vary from lender to​ lender .​
Cash Central’s rates vary by the​ state the​ member is​ borrowing in​ .​
Membership benefits include: a​ company newsletter,​ money saving tips,​ status on​ the​ loan,​ payment reminders and a​ member interface that allows customers to​ customize their online experience and security features.
Compared to​ other lenders,​ Cash Central has state certification backing in​ 23 states,​ a​ secure website and promises instant approval with next day funding,​ reports the​ website .​
Company representatives are also proud of​ their customer service and describe it​ as​ second to​ none .​
We proudly maintain an​ honest,​ ethical,​ customer first-lending philosophy .​
No bait and switch .​
No over-promising.
When comparing Cash Central with other sites,​ one customer writes,​ I​ tried another company prior to​ yours called '*****' and they had the​ worst customer service I've ever encountered .​
It was a​ nightmare calling them and the​ representatives I​ spoke to​ were short and rushed during the​ brief conversations I​ had with them .​
The fees were so high I​ nearly had a​ heart attack .​
It took them 2-3 days to​ finally receive my faxed information I​ gave up before they could approve me .​
They didn't live up to​ their same day approval motto.
Another customer,​ Steve,​ comments about Cash Central’s customer service,​ Your service is​ outstanding in​ an​ industry that isn’t necessarily known for being nice.
For people with poor credit,​ Cash Central has provided loans for customers with less than perfect credit .​
New members will fill out an​ application and receive results quickly .​
Once they are approved,​ they will sign in​ at​ the​ member’s page and submit a​ request for a​ payroll loan .​
It usually takes less than a​ day for approval once all the​ information is​ received .​
Members will typically receive funds within 24 hours,​ according to​ the​ website.
When members can’t pay the​ loan by the​ due date,​ Cash Central offers a​ refinancing on​ the​ short-term loan .​
They advise members that if​ they know they won't be able to​ repay the​ loan on​ their due date,​ they are to​ contact the​ company immediately .​
Members may be eligible to​ receive a​ refinance,​ but the​ company must receive their requests by 6 o'clock MST the​ day before the​ loan is​ due in​ order to​ process a​ refinance request .​
If the​ member should make no refinance request,​ and fail to​ pay the​ balance when due,​ then the​ loan will be in​ default.
When commenting on​ Cash Central’s dependability,​ one customer who identifies herself as​ Jeannie stated,​ Cash Central is​ just as​ good as​ people said.
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