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Miami Tax Attorney: Acting on​ Cases of​ the​ Innocent Spouses
Most Miami couples file their joint income tax returns .​
Meaning,​ both of​ them are legally held to​ be individually and jointly responsible for the​ payment of​ the​ rightful sum of​ taxes .​
The spouse who has a​ limited source of​ income is​ made to​ be held responsible in​ the​ event that the​ other spouse fails to​ pay the​ correct total of​ the​ due taxes .​
The innocent spouse is​ by and large the​ one who usually gets into default with the​ seizures,​ audits,​ and tax levies.
Such situation will only be averted if​ the​ married couple files a​ separation or​ a​ divorce .​
It is​ during these occurrences when both parties get devoid of​ the​ fact regarding the​ exact amount of​ the​ taxes owed by one another .​
During the​ time of​ the​ separation or​ divorce,​ the​ couple is​ advised to​ file their income tax returns jointly while this results to​ the​ payment of​ lower amounts of​ taxes .​
The situation becomes a​ medium for tax indemnification .​
This means that neither of​ them is​ to​ be held up responsible for the​ liabilities of​ each other with their own tax dues .​
The bad part to​ this is​ that the​ IRS will get its hand to​ the​ innocent spouse when one party fails to​ pay his or​ her dues regardless of​ their being divorced,​ separated,​ or​ being still together .​
Isn’t it​ such a​ stressful condition? This can be alleviated though .​
All you​ need to​ do is​ to​ hire a​ Miami tax attorney in​ order to​ be able to​ deal with the​ situation well .​
A Miami tax attorney is​ one legal professional who is​ skilled and abreast in​ this field of​ expertise .​
Your Miami tax attorney will be conscientious in​ filing all of​ the​ needed paperwork to​ meet all of​ the​ things required to​ you​ .​
To make things short,​ your Miami tax attorney will act on​ your behalf .​
When you​ get subject to​ divorce or​ separation,​ you​ should at​ once consult a​ trusted Miami tax attorney before things get out of​ hand .​

Legally,​ a​ provision on​ the​ innocent spouse had been added to​ the​ 1971 Internal Revenue Code which was then modified in​ the​ year 1984 .​
It emphasizes a​ limited scope of​ relief amount .​
It does not point out that there is​ a​ possible escape for one spouse who signed any tax return which contained any underpayment of​ taxes or​ any understatement of​ the​ said income,​ or​ any case of​ over calculation of​ the​ deductions for the​ intention of​ not paying the​ appropriate tax amount.
In the​ year 1998,​ an​ additional relief has been added to​ the​ Code .​
With this Act,​ the​ innocent could now claim any of​ the​ relief forms such as​ for separation of​ liability,​ innocent spouse,​ or​ equitable relief .​
This Act relieves one of​ the​ spouses of​ the​ liability in​ terms of​ interest and penalty in​ a​ jointly filed tax return .​
More so,​ another relief has been granted to​ the​ divorced or​ separated taxpayers .​
There is​ now the​ separation of​ liability option .​
But then such party should prove that he or​ she has not taken part in​ the​ tax fraud .​
Before one of​ the​ parties will be contained an​ innocent spouse,​ the​ IRS will still have to​ weigh things over and over again .​
An ordinary individual will surely find this situation threatening and demoralizing .​
But a​ Miami tax attorney can best handle this.
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