Jeep Rental Versus Taxi In Aruba

Aruba is​ an​ island of​ paradox. Despite the​ presence of​ numerous luxury resorts and gourmet restaurants,​ much of​ Aruba remains uninhabited. For the​ tourist,​ this simply means there is​ more to​ explore. For example,​ nearly 20% of​ the​ island is​ devoted to​ the​ sprawling Arikok National Park. Inside and outside the​ park,​ you​ will find gorgeous views,​ unique historical landmarks and ecological wonders. the​ roads winding through Aruba’s distinctive desert landscape offer visitors a​ chance to​ enjoy the​ hidden Caribbean without the​ crowds. Jeep rentals and taxi tours are the​ most popular ways to​ explore this island’s outer reaches and each have their benefits. This article should help you​ decide which method of​ travel is​ right for you.

Like anywhere else,​ you​ can certainly rent a​ car during your vacation in​ Aruba. Yet,​ an​ average car rental won’t allow you​ to​ traverse many of​ Aruba’s most interesting and scenic paths. Throughout the​ interior of​ the​ island and along the​ northern coast,​ you​ will be able to​ navigate dirt roads providing excellent views and wonderful wildlife watching opportunities. Furthermore,​ you​ won’t be bothered by many other travelers in​ these less-populated areas. Jeep rentals are typically affordable,​ too – usually between $55 and $70 per day with discounts available for 3-day and 1-week rentals.

If you​ intend to​ go it​ alone with a​ jeep rental,​ keep in​ mind that most roads will be dusty,​ unpaved and unmarked. However,​ this shouldn’t discourage you. Start with a​ good map of​ the​ island’s roads and enjoy your time away from the​ hustle and bustle. But if​ you​ do get lost,​ sometimes that can be almost as​ much fun.

If you​ are concerned about driving around Aruba on​ your own,​ it​ is​ also possible to​ travel with a​ jeep safari where you​ will drive amongst several other vehicles and a​ guide. if​ you​ think you​ need help finding certain attractions or​ don’t feel entirely confident with your off-road driving skills,​ this might be a​ good option. Yet,​ keep in​ mind that such jeep groups require you​ to​ move with a​ crowd,​ something that many visitors and jeep enthusiasts hope to​ avoid. if​ you​ decide to​ rent a​ jeep or​ travel with a​ jeep safari,​ consider making reservations beforehand to​ ensure you​ get your 4x4 of​ choice.

As fun as​ a​ jeep rental might sound,​ taxis certainly have their benefits in​ Aruba. All taxi fares are flat rate in​ Aruba,​ so you​ will never have to​ worry about the​ meter or​ having to​ haggle with your driver. Most cab drivers are well versed in​ local history and certainly know their way around the​ island. in​ fact,​ all cab drivers have participated in​ the​ government’s tourism awareness program.

Drivers are always flexible and can offer you​ private tours of​ the​ island,​ based on​ your sightseeing suggestions. Such tours can last anywhere from a​ few hours to​ all day. Taxis also operate throughout the​ night in​ Aruba to​ get you​ home safely from any bar,​ casino or​ nightclub. Fares are between $10-20 between the​ airport and most resorts on​ the​ island,​ with set rates comparable to​ jeep rentals for driving tours. All drivers own their own taxis and you​ can find any size vehicle for your family,​ from luxury cars to​ large vans. if​ you​ plan on​ taking a​ taxi tour,​ prepare yourself for a​ strong dose of​ friendly Caribbean attitude and some fascinating stories.

It has been claimed in​ numerous guide books that all of​ Aruba can be explored in​ half a​ day. For a​ true explorer,​ that certainly won’t be the​ case. Try to​ spend some time at​ each site,​ enjoy the​ view and the​ privacy. Once you​ get outside Aruba’s Hotel Zone and the​ capital city,​ you​ will certainly realize there is​ plenty to​ see.

If you​ have the​ time,​ experience the​ best of​ both worlds – take a​ guided tour and then spend more time exploring sites of​ interest on​ your own. However you​ decide to​ explore Aruba,​ you​ won’t be disappointed.
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