Its A Taxing Time Of Year

It's a​ Taxing Time of​ Year
Yes,​ that's right,​ it's that time of​ year nobody loves - tax time! No,​ this is​ not too early to​ think about it,​ especially if​ you​ have money coming to​ you​ .​
All right,​ so it's not fun to​ think about doing your taxes .​
But there is​ a​ distinct advantage to​ getting an​ early start - it's a​ reminder to​ be more organized in​ this regard in​ the​ year to​ come .​
Make this as​ pleasant as​ possible next year .​
Now,​ if​ you​ and your spouse each have jobs rather than businesses,​ your employer has handled the​ bulk of​ the​ paperwork as​ far as​ paying taxes goes .​
You just have to​ know what your deductions are .​
If you're only taking the​ standard deduction,​ you​ may be paying too much,​ sometimes quite significantly .​
If you​ aren't sure what all you​ can take a​ deduction on,​ consult your accountant,​ or,​ if​ you​ do your own taxes,​ go to​ and see what they suggest .​
You may get a​ pleasant surprise .​
They links to​ tax tips right on​ their front page .​
Of course,​ if​ you​ have a​ home business,​ you​ have more paperwork and more deductions to​ consider .​
This is​ why many home businesses prefer to​ use an​ accountant .​
It saves a​ lot of​ worry and can be worth the​ expense .​
You can deduct in​ many cases for your home office,​ business supplies and more .​
Consult with a​ tax professional,​ and be sure you​ have receipts for everything in​ case you​ are unlucky enough to​ be audited .​
I​ am not a​ tax professional,​ so I​ really cannot give you​ better advice than that .​
Now,​ if​ you've done your taxes and find out you're getting a​ big refund,​ it's time to​ celebrate,​ right? Not really .​
If you're getting a​ big refund,​ that means you​ gave the​ government an​ interest-free loan .​
You need the​ money more than they do,​ right? If you​ are overpaying to​ avoid underpaying (and who likes paying more at​ tax time?),​ put the​ excess you​ were thinking about paying into some kind of​ savings account .​
Even a​ plain savings account in​ a​ bank pays more than nothing,​ and you're still getting the​ advantage of​ money saved up .​
This is​ far harder to​ do,​ of​ course,​ since the​ money is​ nicely within reach,​ but it's a​ good practice in​ general to​ have some money you​ rarely touch anyhow .​
Getting your taxes under control now can save you​ a​ great deal of​ trouble next year and in​ future years .​
Build good filing habits so that if​ you​ are ever audited you​ can easily justify your deductions .​
And finally,​ consult with a​ tax professional to​ get the​ most out of​ your tax return.
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