Irs Warning Taxpayers About New Email Scams

IRS Warning Taxpayers About New Email Scams
If you​ have an​ email account,​ you​ know about all the​ scam emails you​ get .​
Scammers are getting braver and using the​ IRS name in​ their new tactics .​
IRS Warning Taxpayers About New Email Scams
The IRS has begu​n warning taxpayers that it​ is​ seeing a​ surge in​ tax scam emails .​
Many of​ the​ emails even have the​ hubris to​ use the​ IRS name! Brave souls,​ indeed .​
Regardless,​ the​ scams seem to​ fall in​ the​ area of​ identity theft through phishing tactics.
First and foremost,​ you​ should understand that the​ IRS does NOT send emails to​ taxpayers .​
Never,​ never,​ never! If you​ get an​ email from the​ IRS,​ it​ is​ a​ fake .​
Unconditionally! Do not respond to​ it​ under any circumstances .​
Do not click links in​ the​ body of​ the​ email .​
Take one action and one action only – delete it!
Since the​ turn of​ the​ year,​ the​ IRS has identified 99 new email scams targeted at​ taxpayers .​
All of​ the​ scams are aimed at​ bilking you​ out of​ your private information .​
Most try to​ do this by claiming your must provide information or​ your will not receive your tax refund .​
In some cases,​ the​ fake emails threaten you​ with an​ audit .​
Again,​ this is​ all false information .​
Many people fall victim to​ the​ IRS scam emails because they click through to​ the​ site linked in​ the​ email .​
There,​ they find a​ site that appears for all intensive purposes to​ be the​ one published by the​ IRS .​
Make no mistake – this means nothing .​
Anyone can copy and republish a​ site .​
Yes,​ even the​ site of​ the​ IRS .​
It is​ pretty scary when you​ think about it .​
Best Buy,​ in​ fact,​ had major problems with this for some time .​
So,​ where are these scammers? It should come as​ no surprise that few in​ the​ boundaries of​ the​ United States would have the​ nerve to​ try this .​
Instead,​ the​ IRS has tracked most of​ the​ scamming emails to​ other countries,​ but not necessarily the​ usual suspects .​
The countries include England,​ Italy,​ Japan,​ Germany,​ Australia and Singapore .​
Usual suspects include China,​ Aruba,​ Mexico,​ Indonesia and Argentina .​
Surprisingly,​ only a​ few have originated from the​ scam mecca of​ Nigeria .​
The best way to​ beat scammers is​ to​ know the​ facts .​
The IRS does not communicate in​ any way with taxpayers by email .​
If you​ get an​ email purportedly from the​ IRS,​ it​ is​ a​ fake .​
If you​ have a​ nagging doubt,​ call the​ agency to​ find out if​ anything is​ up .​
Otherwise,​ delete that email!
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