The Path To True Wealth

The Path To True Wealth
Many people believe that the​ path to​ true wealth begins with a​ huge money making opportunity .​
This is​ only partly true .​
While a​ good wealth building opportunity does come up from time to​ time, they are actually few and​ far between .​
Most of​ the​ people who attain true wealth are those that budget wisely, work hard, and​ do not live as​ if​ they were wealthy.
The path to​ true wealth begins with determination .​
When you are determined to​ amass wealth, you will be successful, even if​ it​ does not happen right away .​
Determination spurs will power, hard work, and​ pinching pennies .​
However, determination is​ not enough.
The next step on the​ path to​ true wealth is​ making a​ plan .​
The chances of​ finding that get rich quick scheme that everyone talks about making millions from are pretty slim .​
You need to​ make a​ plan for​ a​ profitable career path, business, or​ money making opportunity .​
You also need to​ make a​ plan for​ investment.
True wealth is​ about budgeting and​ investing .​
Do not spend all of​ the​ money that you earn .​
Save some back until you have enough to​ invest .​
This is​ actually easier than it​ sounds .​
When you have reached a​ lifestyle that is​ comfortable but not excessive, stop increasing your lifestyle .​
Instead, sock the​ money away into a​ savings account or​ money market account until you have enough to​ invest and​ try to​ amass true wealth.
You might invest in​ low risk, high return investments such as​ money market accounts, or​ you might invest in​ stocks or​ commodities .​
Investing in​ new and​ upcoming companies that are very promising, sometimes called penny stocks, is​ one of​ the​ best ways to​ invest your money and​ accumulate true wealth quickly .​
Investing the​ money that you do not spend is​ the​ best way to​ accumulate true wealth.
This is​ a​ perfect example of​ how to​ amass true wealth .​
One man started out working in​ a​ rock quarry .​
He moved his way up into management, then into executive management .​
In the​ early eighties, the​ man invested almost ten thousand dollars in​ savings into penny stocks in​ a​ company that many thought would never float .​
Later, he was a​ millionaire when Cellular One took off like a​ rocket .​
He took the​ money, reinvested it, and​ made yet more money .​
Still, the​ man only lived in​ a​ house just big enough for​ his large family .​
When he finally passed away, he had over one million dollars to​ be divided among his family, and​ he had not worked in​ twenty years.
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