The Forgotten Dangers Of Boating

Boating is​ one of​ the​ most enjoyable outdoor activities for​ people of​ all ages. Over time, boating has evolved into a​ safer activity, however much work still needs to​ be done in​ terms of​ safety education. Many recreational boaters make the​ mistake of​ assuming they can beat the​ odds, but without proper preparation this may not be the​ case.

Careful consideration must be taken when determining the​ amount of​ effect the​ weather will have on your boating experience. Pay attention to​ the​ forecast ahead of​ time to​ make sure that bad weather is​ not approaching. Even while out on the​ water it​ is​ extremely important to​ pay attention to​ the​ marine forecast for​ your area as​ well as​ the​ colors and​ activity in​ the​ sky.

Power lines are the​ most common cause of​ electrocution while boating. Proper care is​ rarely taken in​ ensuring that a​ metal part of​ the​ boat such as​ the​ mast touches a​ power line. This carelessness has led to​ many deaths or​ serious injuries over the​ years.

Man Overboard
When someone falls overboard it​ is​ important to​ not immediately jump in​ after them to​ try to​ save them. Someone who is​ struggling to​ stay above water may unwittingly pull their potential rescuer under water with them. Instead, you should use the​ proper safety equipment such as​ safety buoys and​ rope which will float on the​ surface.

Hypothermia remains a​ large risk when boating in​ cooler waters. Someone who falls overboard could succumb to​ hypothermia thus limited their physical abilities and​ mental decisions. Their risk of​ survival drastically drops the​ longer they are in​ the​ water. Again, it​ is​ important not to​ jump in​ after them in​ an​ attempt to​ save them as​ the​ rescuer could themselves succumb to​ the​ cold waters.

Proper Equipment
When planning for​ a​ boating trip it​ is​ incredibly important to​ prepare your safety equipment properly. This includes but is​ not limited to​ a​ flares, horn, water bailer and​ lifejackets. a​ trip plan is​ also an​ essential part of​ safe boating. a​ trip plan is​ basically contains information about where you plan to​ go boating. it​ should be filed with someone responsible that can take the​ proper steps should an​ emergency occur.

Lifejackets are essential for​ people of​ all ages. the​ misconception largely exists that if​ a​ child falls in​ the​ water an​ adult in​ decent physical condition will be able to​ save them. This is​ a​ very dangerous assumption as​ it​ is​ not always the​ case. Often a​ child that falls into the​ water will go below the​ surface of​ the​ water which means they may be hard to​ spot. Also, sometimes it​ is​ not immediately apparent that a​ child has fallen into the​ water. You may not even realize until it​ is​ already too late.

In conclusion, boating is​ a​ very enjoyable activity, however at​ no point should the​ safety aspects of​ boating be underestimated.
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