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You’ve heard the​ old adage,​ “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. the​ premise is​ if​ you help me then I will return the​ favor and help you. This is​ the​ notion behind “Click Exchange” programs available on​ the​ net.

Many online businesses see Click Exchange as​ a​ viable alternative to​ paid advertising. if​ Click Exchange works they may not need to​ alter their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies either.

What is​ Click Exchange?

The selling point of​ Click Exchange is​ the​ fact that no money needs to​ change hands in​ order for you to​ be involved. Essentially Click Exchange means that while you are a​ member of​ the​ program you are assured a​ visitor to​ your site in​ exchange for your visiting other member sites.

Those using these types of​ programs do indicate a​ rise in​ site visitation,​ so at​ least on​ the​ surface this program seems to​ be a​ productive way to​ drive visitors to​ your site. or​ is​ it?

What Does it​ Mean?

Click Exchange programs may mean an​ increase in​ site visitation,​ but it’s more akin to​ cotton candy than steak. It’s not very filling and won’t sustain you very long. By all indications Click Exchange programs are not a​ very effective site promotion tool.

For the​ most part the​ increase in​ numbers comes from unmotivated members who are simply visiting your site for a​ matter of​ seconds so they can receive a​ site visit in​ exchange then they move on​ to​ other arenas of​ interest.

If your idea of​ success is​ higher site visitation alone then Click Exchange might help you feel better about your site,​ but if​ you are searching for motivated customers who visit your site because they are actually interested in​ your products or​ service then you might want to​ stay away form Click Exchange programs.

A Better Approach

Virtually every other approach looks at​ long-term strategy. in​ a​ results oriented society it​ may be hard to​ think that any results from your site promotion activities may not be seen for some time to​ come.

Here are a​ few site promotion tools that actually will assist you in​ long-term results.

1) Use only legitimate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies
2) if​ you want to​ advertise,​ Pay Per Click (PPC) is​ a​ better road to​ take
3) Make sure you use your website information on​ all emails and forum or​ blog posts
4) Submit your site information to​ multiple directories
5) Use press releases to​ target potential site visitors
6) Keep your eye on​ the​ consumer. Provide great customer service and support
7) Encourage the​ liberal use of​ backlinks to​ your site

These are just a​ few of​ the​ many site promotion tools available to​ you. in​ each case they promise a​ better quality of​ visitor than Click Exchange programs.

Remember – always click responsibly.
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