Restaurant Employee Theft

Restaurant owners don’t run a​ cash machine 24/7. They face the​ reality of​ being observed by thieves undercover and​ this alone is​ a​ serious threat not only to​ the​ business but to​ the​ safety of​ the​ management, staff and​ customers. the​ most difficult part about this harm is​ there is​ no certain point one realizes that there is​ a​ thief lurking around the​ corner waiting for​ the​ right time to​ attack. and​ the​ sad part about it​ is​ there are a​ big percentage of​ theft casualties done by employees.

Yes, that’s right. Employee theft is​ one of​ the​ serious threats that a​ restaurant owner has to​ accept. Each year, there is​ an​ estimate of​ over $52 billion loss because of​ this reason. the​ percentage is​ up to​ 95% and​ the​ numbers already indicates a​ high risk of​ getting robbed by one of​ your employees anytime.

The fact is, there is​ no actual way of​ stopping this sad reality but it’s best to​ still think one step ahead of​ the​ culprit. You need to​ start to​ work on your very own backyard to​ prevent employee theft. Make sure that you’re aware with your employees’ behavior physically, mentally and​ professionally. Analyze your employees’ habits such as​ the​ borrowing property of​ others without permission or​ borrowing money from co-workers regularly.

Also, what your employees do outside work is​ one of​ the​ possible factors of​ employee theft. Does this employee drink a​ lot or​ does she have a​ habit of​ buying items more than what she earns? Family and​ previous employment background also gives useful clues in​ learning more about your employees’ behavior. of​ course, you don’t need to​ do this to​ every employee since it​ will take much time and​ it’s even incorrect to​ meddle with the​ personal lives of​ others. Just do extra investigation to​ certain individuals who give off clues unconsciously during work hours.

Don’t accuse anyone without proper evidence. if​ something has been stolen, be sure that you report it​ the​ police and​ let them do rest. the​ one responsible for​ the​ crime may not admit it​ and​ even lie to​ you directly but don’t take justice on your own hands.
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